Mid-Section Dimensions
Width465 cm
Height500 cm
Depth 7.5 cm
Weight10.5 kg
End-Section Dimensions
Width235 cm
Height500 cm
Depth 7.5 cm
Weight3.5 kg
Pallet TypeSingle Pallet
Per Pallet - Mid-Section50
Per Pallet - End-Section300
tough durable high quality compression strength recycled material plastic speed bump ramp melba swintex


This speed ramp kit from Street Solutions UK features rock solid design; Our speed bumps are designed to be life proof, withstanding but not limited to use from cars and HGV’s; If you need a heavy duty speed ramp kit that will hold up under any conditions, look no further.

speed ramp section recycling recycle sleeping policeman melba swintex durable black yellow traffic management speed control


Each ramp section has undergone stringent quality inspection and many hours of development; Our safety ramps are crafted to the highest standards; Our promise is this; if we wouldn’t use the speed bump ourselves, we won’t sell them.

Manufactured from high-quality PVC material the ramps are durable for long term use that will help control speed in your area day after day.

speed ramp 5cm 7.5cm bump sleeping policeman calming traffic reduction compression strength melba swintex fixing bolts road speeding


We have two heights of speed bump kit sleeping policeman available and many different lengths to suit your needs. The different heights can be used to reduce vehicles to either 10mph (50mm) or 5mph (75mm). The different heights are also better suited to different classes of vehicles and applications.

- 75mm Speed ramp kits are perfect for slowing larger vehicles, such as trucks, HGVs and Lorries.
- 50mm Speed ramp kits are more of an all rounder size, better suited to use with cars and bikes with a slightly easier transition for the vehicles.

speed ramp cats eyes visibility night time daylight safety compresison strength durable sleeping policeman melba swintex manufacture recycled recyclable


Each speed ramp kit has been specially designed with safety at the forefront. We’ve added a chequered grip to the recycled PVC for extra traction. Each safety ramp section features a reflective cats eye strip and is visible day or night; Better yet, the yellow and black colour has been specifically designed to attract attention for increased safety.

These speed bumps are suitable for use anywhere that needs traffic control in order to slow down and increase safety.

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