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Premium Road Barrier - Chapter 8

£24.49 Ex. VAT
£29.39 Inc. VAT

This Premium Chapter 8 Road Barrier is the most popular original Chapter 8 blow moulded barrier. This superior blow moulded HDPE barrier offers superb quality at a low life cost.

This plastic barrier system is commonly used for road works, site works, events and exhibitions all over the country. The optimised design and construction makes the Chapter 8 Pedestrian Barrier easy to deploy, use, handle and store. 

Key Features
  • Incredible strength and durability.
  • Freestanding with 360° swivel feet.
  • Free from screws and rivets.
  • Moulded in orange as standard, but can be coloured to suit.
  • Coloured feet if desired.
  • Barrier to barrier connection is quick and easy to use on uneven ground.
  • Manufactured in High-Density Polyethylene.
  • Company identification can be embossed.
Feet Options

The Barrier can have different feet the foot a symmetrical design is the 'Standard Foot' and comes as standard when purchased. The other Foot which is a-symmetrical in design is the 'Anti-Trip Foot' this is designed to reduce the potential of a trip hazard.

Both these feet have full 360 degree rotation and allow for neat stacking.


  • Depth - 5cm when lay flat (66cm with feet open)
  • Height - 113.5cm
  • Width - 200cm 


  • 10.5kg per piece with the standard foot
  • 11.2kg per piece with anti-trip foot


  • Type - UV stabilised High-Density Polyurethane (Body)
  • Type - Fully recycled PVC (Feet)


  • Orange. Custom Colours upon request. 

    For more information on this product please read the Road Barrier data sheet which is linked below, or get in touch via email or telephone 0161 706 0479.

    Melba Swintex Barrier Data Sheet 

    Have Further Questions Regarding The Barrier?

    Phone today and speak to one of our sales team; they will happily talk to you about your individual barrier requirements ensuring you get the right barrier for your needs. Our sales team can be reached during office hours on 0161 706 0479

    This barrier is amongst those that we can get tailored to suit your requirements. This customisation includes custom colours and embossing of company names and branding. There are minimum order quantities when ordering custom colours, so please contact our sales office on 0161 706 0479 or contact us here to discuss your requirements.

    We offer Four types of customisation on the barrier.

    • Embossing: There is a minimum order quantity of 40 for custom embossing on the Barrier. This carries a tooling charge dependent on the size/complexity of your design. Please get in touch for more details.
    • Laser Printed Embossing: Company name can be ink printed onto the product. Please get in touch for more details on price. The minimum order quantity is 10.
    • Colour: There is a minimum order quantity of 120 for custom colours with the Gate Barrier. The additional cost can vary per colour.
    • Custom Stickers: Custom stickers can be made for the barrier. This is great for branding of events or additional notifications. The minimum order quantity is 10.
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      We are proud to offer next working day delivery on all in stock items when ordering before 10am 

      If you require pre-12 delivery or other requirements for delivery please phone us for a price on 0161 706 0479. Or visit our Delivery Information page for further information. 

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      The UK Government is enforcing social distancing with person-to-person contact being the most common cause of the virus spreading.

      As businesses, schools and shops begin to open Social Distancing equipment will be necessary to adhere to the Governments 2 metre distancing rules.

      This plastic barrier system is commonly used for road works, site works, events and exhibitions all over the country. The optimised design and construction makes the chapter 8 crowd control barrier easy to deploy, use, handle and store. This pedestrian barrier is the perfect addition to any reopening premises that require crowd control and pedestrian safety.

      Where and when to use these Barriers?

      To help the transition into reopening, the 2 metre Street Barrier is best used as a temporary barrier to allow pedestrians to queue outside of any area where 2 metre distancing is enforced.

      • Schools, Nurseries, Colleges or Universities
      • Hospitals & Pharmacies
      • Warehouses & Factories
      • Car Parks
      • Train Stations & Bus Stations
      • Offices
      • Retail Parks
      • Supermarkets & Shops

      How to use these Barriers?

      These Chapter 8 barriers are extremely versatile and simple to use. As this barrier features a reflective chapter 8 compliant strip these are completely road legal.

      The barrier features free standing 360° swivel feet which allows the barrier to stand on all surfaces, and makes shipping and storing the barriers simple as they can stack completely flat. The ‘S’ Connector is quick and easy for use to connect these barriers together.