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Choosing The Right Type Of Water Filled Barriers For Demarcation

Water-filled barriers, due to their properties and capabilities are ideal for various purposes. Whether for safety and security, pedestrian, demarcation or traffic regulation projects, they are the go-to equipment. 

No matter what the terrain, this equipment can easily be stored, transported and installed because it is lightweight. When filled with water, they become very sturdy and solid, making them suitable for various sorts of use (see our water barriers for the road).

What kind of work do you need to accomplish? For this, you need to use the right type of water-filled barriers.

Speedy and Short-Term Security and Safety

You don’t need to do any drilling or extensive tooling to arrange, revamp, or remove water-filled barriers, that’s why they are appropriate for projects that require low-level security fencing or demarcation.

Rota Block Mini Barrier

Although not as big, this system is sturdy when positioned on the ground. If spaces for fencing are narrow and there is a hazard for tripping, this equipment is apt. It’s good for delineating fences and footways. Various lengths of fences can be securely accommodated by rota block mini water-filled barriers wherein they can quickly and easily be deployed on a temporary duration (see our guide to temporary road barriers) on all types of terrain, including dented ground. Corners can be covered securely by this type of equipment.

High and Fast Moving Protection

Highway maintenance can be put to risk when work needs to be done on major roads. There may be speed zone restrictions, but road users and workers’ safety can be compromised by vehicles speeding at 50 mph. In this scenario, barriers used should offer improved protection against high speed.

RB22 Crash Barriers

These are most suitable because they have a fully crash-tested design, able to protect against speeds of up to 50 mph. This equipment has been approved for such purposes, complying with BS EN1317-N1. The RB22 as a system is light, making it easy to transport and stable when based. Should a diverging vehicle crash into it, the impact is less threatening compared to concrete. Heavy-duty machinery and tools are not necessary for setting it up, that’s why this system is easier to deploy and install.

Low-Speed Regulation, Protection, and Demarcation 

There are various options of water-filled barriers if a slower pace of pedestrian flow needs to be managed and at the same time protect and guide vehicles. They are the following:

Evo Road Barriers

This system can be utilized in various types of 1 to 2 meters long. Lengths differ as well, ranging for up to 88mm. Pedestrians can be separated from low speed traffic in general or when there are outdoor events using this system. In order to be highly visible, Evo Road Barriers are fundamentally manufactured in colors of red and white. This way, warning can be prominent, although custom colour varieties are also available.

Euro Barriers

These barriers are usually 1 to 2 meters in length, although they are wider in width of 550 mm and taller in height of 650 mm. The purpose of these design and dimensions are to provide off-centre interconnecting fencing for continual swiveling around bends and turns. They can even be arranged in S-shapes. The system design of Euro Barriers is well-suited with post and planks safety setups, making them appropriate for perimeter protection on road sides in times of construction.

Heavy- Duty Water-Filled Barriers

Heavy duty barriers enhance the perimeter protection provided by basic water-filled barriers. The most common barriers render speed protection, security, safety and stability but this system delivers a better job.

RB1000 Barriers. 

These are typically deployed in busy and areas that are heavily used. Examples are industrial locations, distribution zones, construction areas, and for managing tracks and traffic flow. The RB1000 Barrier system has an advanced interlocking and flat wall surface design that produces a stalwart and even circuit demarcation.

GB2 Barriers

When a crowd needs to be controlled and pedestrians on the roadside need to be re-routed, GB2 Barriers are ideal because of their high visibility and heavy duty solid capabilities. Installation is fast because this equipment is light weight.

Water-Filled Barriers For Enhanced Security

Site Wall Barriers

Security of 2 meters in height is delivered by this system, and it is a good choice for site perimeter fencing and security, especially when incorporated with the prime mesh fence panels. This system can be deployed in different ways while setup is easy with its interconnecting characteristic to provide optimal protection on consistent runs. Its sturdiness is not compromised even when accommodating corners.

Rhino Barriers

This equipment is most suitable if security is needed to provide safety. Locking is gapless with these barriers, particularly for protecting hazardous areas such as construction locations, high traffic areas and motorways.

Low Base and High Resistance Barriers

SlotBlock Barrier System

These barriers provide low base fencing for wind resistance. Deployment options are flexible for this system, and it renders superior wind resistance while available in high visibility colours wherein reflective strips and lighting can be added for improved visibility during the worst weather conditions.

2000 Barrier System

Movements from vibration, vandals and weather are resisted by the incredible low- base stability of this system. It is an excellent alternative to traffic cones for the same purposes.


As you can see, there are various options of water-filled barriers to suit particular purposes

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