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Manhole Barrier

Utility barriers are used to provide protection and increase safety to both site workers and the general public by reducing the chance of someone falling into an open cover or excavation during road works or street works.

The Chapter 8 compliant (if used within the correct guidelines) modular designed Manhole folding barrier is both easy to erect and incredibly stable as well as being easily transportable, perfect for traveling utility workers. This barrier is mostly used for smaller manholes – anything up to 75cms.

The Olympic barrier (also chapter 8 compliant if used within the correct guidelines) is a perfect safety measure for larger groundworks or street works. Although it’s larger than the folding barrier, it’s still very easy to transport and the wings fold in to make storing it easy. This barrier is for larger projects, one barrier is 1250cm in length when the wings are folded or 2m with the wings open, you can also clip on extra panels as needed.

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Manhole Barrier

Utility Barrier Kit in red. Four barriers connected together in a square.

Utility Barrier Kit

£47.49 Inc. VAT

£39.58 Ex. VAT

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Utility Pedestrian Barrier Street Solutions UK

Utility Pedestrian Barrier Individual Piece

£18.59 Inc. VAT

£15.49 Ex. VAT

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2M Melba Swintex Olympic Chapter 8 Road Barrier Street Solutions UK

2M Melba Swintex Olympic Barrier

£49.99 Inc. VAT

£41.66 Ex. VAT

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