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Are you a business owner or a member of an organisation looking to get hold of some new traffic cones (see more on our cones) but don't want the classic orange and black look? Do you want to add your own personal touch to the road cones to help promote your business, school or college?

If so that's great news, Street Solutions UK have put together an all you need to know guide to show you all of the possible customisation option for traffic cones that be delivery directly to your door. 

What branding is available for traffic cones?

All traffic cones will come as standard with a reflective sleeve, this is in many uses an essential addition as it allows the traffic cones to be seen clearly in both daytime and night time conditions. 

To add your own brand to this product Street Solutions UK can offer the following branding options.


Vinyl Sticker Reflective Sleeves

Branded Road Cone Sticker Reflective Sleeve
The vinyl sticker branding option for the road cones is a great way to add both text and images to your road cones.

We can print any design and colours so you will have plenty of options available to make the traffic cones branded to you desired specification.

The size and position of the branded designs being applied to the traffic cones are completely up to the customer and we'll be happy to accommodate your choices when placing an order.

Branded stickers can be applied all around the road cones, we typically see customers add either 1 sticker or 2 stickers per cone. 

1 x sticker will be a cost effective way to present your brand showing off the design for only 1 side, this is perfect if you have pedestrians walking down a single path where you can accurately position the branded road cones.

2 x stickers on the road cones are the most popular choice for businesses and organisations who are looking to show off their brand, sticks of both sides of the road cones will be twice as visible offering great exposure of your design.

Printed Road Cone Sleeves

Traffic Cone Custom Printed Sleeve
For larger orders of road cones with customised sleeves there will be the option to have the branding designs printed directly on to the sleeve.

This will give a high quality finish that is completely weather proof and long lasting. The choice of colours would be between the standard reflective white road cone sleeves and the highly vibrant yellow road cone sleeves.

Orders for this service will need to be at a minimum of 1000 pieces and arranged via our sales team for current MOQ and lead times. 

Embossed Road Cone Base

Branded Traffic Cone Base

Embossing the base of your road cones is a simple but effective way of literally stamping your mark on the product.

The embossing process is carried out as the road cones are manufactured and requires an embossing plate to be designed and ordered from a tool maker.

As the cone is formed the embossing plate is pressed into the base of the cone resulting in permanent branding being applied.

We have the ability to add in both text and logo designs to the embossing plate so you can promote things such as:

  • Business Name
  • Company Logo 
  • Contact Phone Number 
  • Website Address 

Embossed Road Cone

Custom Branded Traffic Cone

In the exact same way that we can emboss your street cones base, we can also emboss the conical section of the cone itself. 

This form of embossing is the best way of adding your company branding to the road cones that will be permanently in place. The embossing is again applied as the road cones are being manufactured. 

As the branding is applied higher up on the road cone you will find that it offers greater visibility to pedestrians passing by the traffic cone.

As a result you will have the ability to promote your business details and your branding design to a wider audience.

Once again you will have the ability to add any text and logo design to the traffic cones through embossing.

But what if you want to make the embossing really pop and stand out?

Well if this is the case we can supply another additional service where by the embossed design on the road cone is inked over.

Custom Branding Traffic Cones
The inking over of the road cone branding can be applied in any possible colour that you can think of, you pick the colour pantone and we can make it happen. 

Adding the inking process to the road cones provides the ultimate customisation that will allow your companies image to last for years, being seen by potentially millions of people.

Colour Change to Road Cones

Coloured Road Cones We know that the standard orange and yellow traffic cones aren't everyones ideal colours to have their branding applied, or they may not be the correct colours to match your companies or organisations branding which is why we are a leading supplier of bespoke coloured traffic cones. 

There are some slight variants with the traffic cones that will affect the level of colour customisation available, all of which will be explained to you below.

As a way of creating traffic cones to suit all budgets our manufactures have a range of traffic cones of varying qualities.

The value range of traffic cones is called the 1-Piece traffic cone, this means that the road cone is created out of one piece of plastic. In our case this is a PVC material.

The natural colour of the 1-Piece road cone is a dark grey/black, this then acts as a perfect base colour that we can spray paint over to suit your look.

The 1-Piece cones come in both 500mm and 750mm sizes and can have a range of colours available including:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Black
  • White

Both the road cone cylinder and the road cone base can be painted to your required design, these will be completed as the cones are manufactured.

If you are looking for a higher quality road cone product that can have the colour changed then we would point you in the direction of the 2-piece road cones. 

The 2-Piece road cones a re manufactured out of 2 separate pieces of plastic, the base is formed from PVC and the road cone conical is manufactured out of a high quality HDPE. 

With the 2-Piece cones being manufactured out of HDPE it allows us to get an exact colour match to many pantones by adding colour dye to the plastic material.

This is a great way to perfectly match your organisations branding with a product that will help you promote for more business and awareness.

The base on the 2-Piece road cone is also customisable and can be painted again in the range of colours shown above for the 1-Piece road cones.

Why is branding traffic cones important?

  • Improves your brand awareness, branded road cones are a form of marketing that can be viewed by an unlimited amount of potential customers
  • Shows ownership for events or traffic/building works, letting people know who's involved with the work and who they should contact should they wish to have a service like yours carried out themselves. 
  • Branded road cones will reduce the chance of your products being stolen
  • Higher level of professionalism if your road cones are inline and matching your companies branding.


How can you get your own custom branded road cones?

That's easy! All you need to do to get your own custom branded road cones is speak with a member of the Street Solutions UK sales team.

You can contact us by calling 0161 706 0479 or by emailing the team at

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