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Self-Adhesive Non-Reflective Hazard Warning Tape - Black & Yellow - 66m x 60mm
£11.24 Ex. VAT
£13.49 Inc. VAT
Kerb Ramps - Pack of 2 (4" Rise)
£24.99 Ex. VAT
£29.99 Inc. VAT
Non Adhesive Barrier Tape - Red/White - 500m x 75mm
£9.99 Ex. VAT
£11.99 Inc. VAT
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Hand Tools

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Hand Tools

Enhance your PVC Drain and Soil pipe with our high-quality chamfer tool, designed for precise 15° chamfer creation. Easily attachable to a power drill, this tool boasts three sharp blades made from robust cast steel for durability.

PVC Drain & Soil Pipe Chamfer Tool

£67.39 Inc. VAT

£56.16 Ex. VAT

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High-strength reinforced spacer bar (concrete mars bars/chocolate blocks), made of extruded fibre concrete. Designed to stabilize rebar mesh and rods under heavy loads, with high compressive strength and chemical resistance.

Concrete Line Spacer 50mm x 50mm x 1m (Pack of 330)

£788.99 Inc. VAT

£657.49 Ex. VAT

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Fairport Concrete Placer with 5ft Handle

£44.99 Inc. VAT

£37.49 Ex. VAT

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Enhance your paving projects with our robust and lightweight spazzle, perfect for levelling and manoeuvring tarmac and loose materials. Features a 610mm wide aluminium blade and a durable hardwood handle measuring approximately 5 feet (1.5 meters) in length.

Wooden Handled 610mm Spazzle

£55.49 Inc. VAT

£46.24 Ex. VAT

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Premium Chamfer Tool Replacement Blades Set - Includes 3 Razor-Sharp Blades, Allen Key, and Fixing Screws - Essential Spare Parts for Precision Chamfering Tasks

Spare Blades for Chamfer Tool

£19.69 Inc. VAT

£16.41 Ex. VAT

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Enhance your construction toolkit with our durable rubber head mallet, featuring a sturdy hardwood shaft and a 125mm face diameter. Ideal for bedding heavy-duty slabs and driving fence posts, this mallet boasts a large rubber head and a sturdy wooden handle.

Rubber Maul Mallet and Handle - 41"

£74.59 Inc. VAT

£62.16 Ex. VAT

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Versatile and durable polyurethane float for construction and masonry work. Ideal for finishing and smoothing concrete surfaces like slabs, driveways, and sidewalks. Lightweight, resistant to chemicals and abrasion. 400mm x 140mm size for various projects.

Polyurethane Float 400mm x 140mm

£13.29 Inc. VAT

£11.08 Ex. VAT

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Black/Yellow Heavy-Duty Tool Bag with Wheels & Multiple Compartments - Durable Fabric - Waterproof Bottom - Ideal for Equipment Transport

Heavy-Duty Tool Bag

£43.79 Inc. VAT

£36.49 Ex. VAT

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Durable 610mm crowbar with claw and chisel ends for versatility. Made of high-quality carbon steel, offering reliability for tough tasks. Harden forged steel construction ensures durability. Ideal for demolition and construction projects.

Hardened Crowbar 610mm

£20.69 Inc. VAT

£17.24 Ex. VAT

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Yellow/Black Professional Grade File with Comfortable Handle | Double Cut and Safe Edge | Combines Flat and Round File Features | High Cutting Rate | Ideal for DIY or Professional Use

Half Round (Second Cut) File

£3.29 Inc. VAT

£2.74 Ex. VAT

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Enhance brickwork with our 4" Brick Bolster, perfect for splitting bricks and composite blocks, and breaking concrete and stone. Features impact-absorbing hand protection grip, hardened steel blade, and ground cutting edges. Blade width: 100mm, length: 225mm.

4" Brick Bolster with Hand Guard

£15.79 Inc. VAT

£13.16 Ex. VAT

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Enhance woodworking efficiency with our high-quality 22" soft-grip hand saw. Versatile for hard wood, soft wood, and veneer cutting, featuring seven teeth per inch for effortless material cutting. Color: Green/Yellow. 8 TPI (7 teeth per inch). Perfect for woodworking needs. All four sides sharpened."

22" Universal Saw | 8 TPI

£17.59 Inc. VAT

£14.66 Ex. VAT

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High-quality 20" soft-grip hand saw for cutting hard wood, soft wood, and veneer. 7 TPI (teeth per inch), suitable for wood cutting. Three sides sharpened. Green/Yellow color.

20" Universal Saw | 7 TPI

£16.29 Inc. VAT

£13.58 Ex. VAT

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High-quality, shockproof 600mm aluminum spirit level in yellow color. Crafted from powder-coated box section aluminum for durability. Features vials made of acrylic glass, rubber end caps, and ESR (Easy Reading System).

Heavy Duty Aluminium Spirit Level - 600mm

£19.89 Inc. VAT

£16.58 Ex. VAT

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High-Quality 13” Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel with Rubber-Coated Ergonomic Handle | Alloy Mounting | Sharp Corners for Precise Edges | Invisible Steel Rivets | Professional Grade Smoothing Tool | German Stainless Steel Blade | Lightweight Design | Blade Size: 330mm x 120mm"

Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel 13" x 5"

£15.39 Inc. VAT

£12.83 Ex. VAT

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Enhance your masonry work with our sturdy bucket trowel, featuring a comfortable handle and carbon steel blade for solid performance. Lightweight design allows for extended use. Ideal for smoothing mortar on large bricks. Square corners for easy cleaning. Smooth rubber handle for effective grip.

Bucket Trowel 7" Soft Handle

£6.49 Inc. VAT

£5.41 Ex. VAT

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7" Tuck Pointing Trowel

7" Tuck Pointing Trowel

£5.09 Inc. VAT

£4.24 Ex. VAT

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Enhance your mixing tasks with our 7” gauging trowel, perfect for blending aggregates, cement, or plaster. Crafted with a rubber handle for superior grip and designed with a Philadelphia pattern for easy bucket access. Made from top-grade German Steel, it ensures durability and comfort.

7" Soft Handled Gauging Trowel

£6.09 Inc. VAT

£5.08 Ex. VAT

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High-grade German steel pointed floor finishing/screeding trowels for flooring projects, enabling precise corner access and smooth surface creation. 1st Class German Steel construction ensures exceptional durability and an extra smooth finish.

21" Floor Finishing Trowel

£15.19 Inc. VAT

£12.66 Ex. VAT

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Get professional results with our heavy-duty lightweight plastering float. Made from rigid polyurethane foam, it smooths plaster surfaces effortlessly. Versatile, comfortable, and easy to clean. Ideal for applying plaster and cement. Available in beige.

11" Polyurethane Float

£9.49 Inc. VAT

£7.91 Ex. VAT

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