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Kerb Ramps - Pack of 2 (4" Rise)
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Barrier Fencing and Debris Netting

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Barrier Fencing and Debris Netting

Heavy grade steel fencing pins for easy barrier installation. Ribbed design for enhanced grip. British-made steel construction with shepherds crook style top. Pointed end for effortless setup.

Barrier Fencing Pins - Ribbed 1350mm

£3.39 Inc. VAT

£2.83 Ex. VAT

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Durable Heavy-Duty Plastic Debris Netting: Protects Pedestrians & Traffic. UV Stabilized Polyethylene. Mainly Used on Scaffolding for Site Safety. Available in Red, Blue, Black, Green. Roll Weight: 6kg.

Debris Netting 2m x 50m

£31.99 Inc. VAT

£26.66 Ex. VAT

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High-Quality 1.35 Metre (1350mm) Heavy Duty Steel Barrier Fencing Pins - British-Made for Superior Durability and Ease of Installation. Ideal for Construction Sites. Features Shepherds Crook Style Top for Enhanced Support. Pointed End Ensures Effortless Installation.

Heavy Duty Barrier Fencing Pins 1350mm

£4.99 Inc. VAT

£4.16 Ex. VAT

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Heavy-Grade Steel Fencing Pins: Easy Installation, 1.2m Length, Durable Construction, British-Made, Shepherds Crook Style, Pointed End. Ideal for Construction Sites.

Barrier Fencing Pins - Smooth 1350mm

£3.19 Inc. VAT

£2.66 Ex. VAT

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Premium Strong Temporary Fencing: Quick Setup, High Visibility, Weatherproof, Versatile Usage, Steel Pins, Range of Colors (Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow).

Premium Super Strong Barrier Fence 1m x 50m

£28.39 Inc. VAT

£23.66 Ex. VAT

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