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Kerb Ramps - Pack of 2 (4" Rise)
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Introducing our Translucent Dry PTFE Lubricant, perfect for high-temperature, low-load applications. It bonds instantly to metal, rubber, and plastic, creating a dirt-repelling barrier that protects surfaces from pressure and friction. Ideal for gaskets, conveyor belts, motors, and machinery maintenance, it incorporates the benefits of Graphited Dry Film Lube for enhanced performance.

PTFE Graphited Dry Film Lube Aerosol

£5.39 Inc. VAT

£4.49 Ex. VAT

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Reduce diesel emissions with ProSolve AdBlue, a Euro 6 compliant solution available at Street Solutions UK. This product, containing a mix of urea and deionized water, is designed to meet the strict emissions standards of Euro 6 by reducing exhaust emissions produced by diesel engines. AdBlue is essential for diesel cars, as it can reduce emissions by up to 80%.

Adblue Fuel Additive 20L

£30.69 Inc. VAT

£25.58 Ex. VAT

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Copper-based spray-on lubricant offers superior protection against seizing, corrosion, and fretting. Effective in high temperatures up to 300°C, ideal for areas avoiding petroleum products. Forms dirt-repelling barrier, reducing friction and wear. Instantly bonds to various substrates.

Copper High Temp Lube Aerosol 500ml

£4.79 Inc. VAT

£3.99 Ex. VAT

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Clear Penetrating Oil: Fast-Acting Graphite-Based Lubricant for Rusty Metal Components. Ideal for Unseizing Seized Parts. Color: Clear.

Graphite Penetrating Oil Aerosol

£5.19 Inc. VAT

£4.33 Ex. VAT

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Optimize performance and protection with our specially designed lubricant, ideal for open gears, wire ropes, steel cables, and heavy-duty chains. Penetrating agents ensure deep metal penetration and prevent product throw-off. Trust this spray for superior lubrication, reaching wire rope cores and displacing water effectively.

Exposed Gear & Wire Lubricant Aerosol

£5.19 Inc. VAT

£4.33 Ex. VAT

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Hi-Pro Lube, a specially formulated high-performance chain lubricant, enhances chain performance, prevents lubricant throw-off at speed, and significantly prolongs chain and sprocket life. Its professional formula protects against corrosion, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for chains and bearings.

Hi-Pro Lube Aerosol 500ml

£5.09 Inc. VAT

£4.24 Ex. VAT

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Ecologically Friendly Pipe Jointing Lubricant: Biodegradable Blend for Concrete, Clay, Plastic Pipes. Soft Gel Application for Wet or Dry Surfaces. Ideal for PVC, Steel, Fibre Cement Pipes. Suitable for Drinking Water. Safe, Effective Joining. Easy Application.

Pipe Jointing Lubricant 2.5kg

£16.19 Inc. VAT

£13.49 Ex. VAT

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White Cutting and Tapping Fluid: Instant All-Metal Lubricant for Faster Production, Improved Surface Finish. Dissipates Heat, Ideal for Heavy Close Tolerance Cutting. Green Color.

Cutting, Drilling & Tapping Fluid Aerosol 500ml

£6.09 Inc. VAT

£5.08 Ex. VAT

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Discover the versatility of White Grease, a multi-functional lubricant designed for various applications in automotive, marine, and industrial sectors. Engineered to provide long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion, it forms a visible white protective film, reducing friction and wear on hinges, bushes, and pivot points.

White Grease Aerosol 500ml

£4.49 Inc. VAT

£3.74 Ex. VAT

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Clear Silicone Lubricant: Odorless, Versatile, Dust-Repellent. Temperature Resistant up to 200°C. Ideal for Rubber, Plastic, Fibreglass Industries. Prevents Sticking in Moulds & Cavities. Safe for Plumbing, Industrial & Domestic Use.

Silicone Spray - 500ml

£4.69 Inc. VAT

£3.91 Ex. VAT

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Lithium EP2: Multi-Purpose Lubricating Grease with Extreme Pressure & Anti-Wear Additives. Ideal for Industrial & Automotive Bearings. Performs in High/Low Temps, Water Resistance, Heavy Loads, High-Speed Conditions. Outstanding Load-Bearing, Anti-Wear Properties.

EP2 Grease Cartridge 400g

£3.79 Inc. VAT

£3.16 Ex. VAT

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