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Adhesive Non-Reflective Hazard Warning Tape - Black/Yellow - 66m x 60mm
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Kerb Ramps - Pack of 2 (4" Rise)
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Non Adhesive Barrier Tape - Red/White - 500m x 75mm
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Cleaning Products

Clear Antiviral Disinfectant: Fast-acting, Economical Solution for Surface Cleaning & Disinfection. Kills Coronavirus & Pathogenic Viruses in <5 Minutes. Safe for Human Contact. BS EN 14476 Tested.

Antiviral Disinfectant 1L

£8.39 Inc. VAT

£6.99 Ex. VAT

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This spill kit is designed to swiftly address oil and fuel spills, boasting a 20L capacity for efficient cleanup. Tailored for engine oil, lubricants, hydraulic oil, and solvents, it's not suitable for water spills. With clear instructions on the packaging, it's a reliable solution for workplace or on-the-go spillages, ensuring safety and cleanliness.

Spill Kit 20L Break Pack - Oil

£21.49 Inc. VAT

£17.91 Ex. VAT

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Achieve top food safety standards with our specialized cleaner. Designed to meet rigorous food safety criteria, it ensures surfaces remain pristine and free from contaminants. Kills 99.99% of germs, including MRSA, without tainting food. Handy trigger spray bottle included.

Food Safe Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser 750ml

£1.99 Inc. VAT

£1.66 Ex. VAT

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Our Antiviral Disinfectant offers thorough and economical cleaning, killing viruses (including Coronavirus) in under 5 minutes. Independently tested to BS EN 14476, it's safe for most non-porous surfaces, leaving them safe for human contact.

Antiviral Disinfectant 5L

£29.49 Inc. VAT

£24.58 Ex. VAT

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This red mop bucket with wringer boasts a spacious 15-litre capacity, minimizing refill needs during cleaning. Its integrated pouring lip prevents spills, while color coding aids in easy identification and cross-contamination prevention. Designed for durability, it simplifies both household and commercial cleaning tasks, ensuring long-lasting performance without cracking.

Plastic Mop Bucket and Wringer

£5.29 Inc. VAT

£4.41 Ex. VAT

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Experience the pinnacle of washroom cleanliness with our specially formulated Washroom Cleaner. Designed to deliver a superior cleaning experience, it ensures a fresh, germ-free environment that leaves a lasting impression. Its powerful cleaning performance effortlessly tackles even the toughest stains, grime, and odors, penetrating and removing dirt, soap scum, mineral deposits, and other stubborn residues with ease.

Washroom Cleaner 750ml

£1.99 Inc. VAT

£1.66 Ex. VAT

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Toilet Cleaner - Professional Solution for Sparkling Clean Toilets - Kills 99.99% of Germs - Deep Cleans and Disinfects - Suitable for Porcelain, Ceramic, and Stainless Steel Toilets - Handy 1L Bottle

Toilet Cleaner 1L

£1.89 Inc. VAT

£1.58 Ex. VAT

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Experience our dry foam cleaner, ideal for deep cleansing surfaces and suitable for electrical equipment. With its anti-static properties, it effectively cleans office machinery and computers. This odourless foam cleaner comes in a sleek white color.

Odourless Foam Aerosol 500ml

£3.69 Inc. VAT

£3.08 Ex. VAT

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Discover the power of our specialized degreasing product, formulated to swiftly eliminate stubborn residues of tar, oil, and grease from a variety of surfaces including road signs, vehicles, plant machinery, equipment, and components. With its highly effective formula, it efficiently removes tar and bitumen, restoring surfaces to their pristine condition.

Tar & Bitumen Remover Aerosol 500ml

£5.69 Inc. VAT

£4.74 Ex. VAT

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Multi Surface Cleaner - Powerful Cleaning Formula - Removes Grease, Dirt, and Grime - Easy-to-Use 750ml Spray - Effective on Hard Surfaces - Ready-to-Use Solution - Fast Acting - Professional Quality

UPVC Cleaner 750ml

£2.99 Inc. VAT

£2.49 Ex. VAT

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High-Quality Solvent Blend for Safe Metal Mould Cleaning - Removes Grease, Oil, and Carbon Dust - Noncorrosive and Nonconductive - Fast-Drying Formula - Ideal for Electrical Switches, Motors, Generators - Easy Clean Solution

Easy Clean Solvent Aerosol 500ml

£4.99 Inc. VAT

£4.16 Ex. VAT

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Highly Effective Hard Surface Cleaner - 5L Container - Deep Penetrating Formula for Sparkling Clean Surfaces - Removes Tough Stains, Grease, and Dirt - Suitable for Floors, Countertops, Tiles, and Walls - Ideal for Ceramic, Porcelain, Laminate, Vinyl, and More - Fast, Efficient, and Streak-Free - Lemon Fresh Fragrance - Time-Saving Solution

Lemon Hard Surface Cleaner 5L

£4.69 Inc. VAT

£3.91 Ex. VAT

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Apple-scented cleaner and polish for car dashboards and commercial vehicles. Cockpit Spray effectively cleans and polishes dashboards, rubber mats, and vinyl roofs, repelling dust and dirt while providing a long-lasting shine. Safe for use on plastic, vinyl dashboards, and trims.

Cockpit Spray Apple 500ml

£3.59 Inc. VAT

£2.99 Ex. VAT

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Ensure crystal-clear visibility with our versatile windshield cleaner! Formulated for all seasons, it efficiently removes grime, dirt, and insect deposits while preventing freezing down to -5°C. Its anti-smear formula leaves windshields spotless and haze-free, delivering excellent cleaning results with a streak-free finish, making it easy to use throughout the year.

All-Season Screen Wash 5L

£6.39 Inc. VAT

£5.33 Ex. VAT

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Effortlessly tackle grease and grime with our 1L Washing Up Liquid. Superior cleaning power cuts through tough residues, leaving dishes sparkling. Versatile for kitchen surfaces. Handy and efficient, it's tough on dirt but gentle on hands, with a fresh fragrance.

Washing Up Liquid 1L

£1.59 Inc. VAT

£1.33 Ex. VAT

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Experience the power of our Hygienic Pine Scented Disinfectant, formulated to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria while leaving behind a refreshing pine scent. This versatile cleaning solution is suitable for both commercial and domestic use, offering a convenient 5L container for ample supply.

Pine Disinfectant 5L

£4.29 Inc. VAT

£3.58 Ex. VAT

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Experience the efficacy of our fast-acting de-icer, specially formulated to swiftly clear frost and ice from windscreens. Designed to work rapidly while minimizing re-freezing, this product comes in a convenient 750ml trigger spray pack for easy application.

De-Icer Trigger Spray 750ml

£2.69 Inc. VAT

£2.24 Ex. VAT

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Industrial Quality White Spirit - Versatile Cleaner and Degreaser - Suitable for Paint Thinning and Brush Cleaning - Clear Color - Effective and Quick Cleaning Solution

White Spirit 750ml

£3.19 Inc. VAT

£2.66 Ex. VAT

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20L Compact Spill Kit - Swift Response to General Spills - Absorbent Socks & Pads Included - Disposal Bag & Zip-Tie - Clear Instructions - Suitable for Various Liquids - Essential for Premises Safety

General Purpose Spill Kit 20L

£18.19 Inc. VAT

£15.16 Ex. VAT

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Safely remove paint, felt tip, and biro marks. Suitable for brick, stone, metals, concrete, and plastics. Quickly eliminates aerosol graffiti, marker pen, crayon, etc. Surface-safe formula. Low odor for confined spaces. Effective and safe solution for various surfaces.

Graffiti Remover Aerosol 500ml

£3.99 Inc. VAT

£3.33 Ex. VAT

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