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Adhesive Non-Reflective Hazard Warning Tape - Black/Yellow - 66m x 60mm
£9.99 Ex. VAT
£11.99 Inc. VAT
Kerb Ramps - Pack of 2 (4" Rise)
£24.99 Ex. VAT
£29.99 Inc. VAT
Non Adhesive Barrier Tape - Red/White - 500m x 75mm
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Bulk Bags & Rubble Sacks

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Bulk Bags & Rubble Sacks

Enhance your construction projects with our premium 100% natural and biodegradable hessian roll, also known as Builders Hessian. Perfect for safeguarding mortar, new brickwork, and concrete from harsh weather conditions and frost. Its breathability allows for natural drying and ventilation.

Hessian Roll 1.37m x 46m (Approx)

£57.59 Inc. VAT

£47.99 Ex. VAT

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 Explore our durable hessian sandbags, crafted from 100% natural hessian and boasting 100% biodegradability. Please note, we supply these empty. Constructed from coarse, woven hessian, these sandbags are ideal for flood control, erosion prevention, and diverse construction applications.

Hessian Sandbags 760 x 330mm (approx.) with Tie Strings (pack of 50)

£39.99 Inc. VAT

£33.33 Ex. VAT

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Discover our durable white UV-stabilized polypropylene sandbag, designed with a tie-string mouth for secure closure. The UV protection enhances longevity, making them ideal for outdoor use. Primarily utilized for securing traffic signs on roads, motorways, and flood protection.

Sandbag Polypropylene 780 x 330mm (Empty) - White (Pack of 10)

£0.39 Inc. VAT

£0.33 Ex. VAT

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Discover our strong and versatile bulk bag, perfect for storing and transporting various items such as aggregate, sand, garden waste, or recycling materials. Made from durable polypropylene, our one-tonne bags can carry loads of up to 1000kg. Tested to Safety Factor: 5:1, ensuring extra strength, they come with four lifting loops in each corner, making them the top choice for any task.

Bulk Bag 850 x 850 x 850mm

£5.69 Inc. VAT

£4.74 Ex. VAT

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