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Crowd Management vs Crowd Control is a common term that is often confused. However, both the words have a standard aim of bringing people to do something for their protection and the safety of everyone present there. 


But, when you research a little more, you will find a subtle line of difference between both. So, educate yourself and learn the difference between crowd management and crowd control here. 

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Then, let's have a look!

Learn Everything About Crowd Management

Here's all the information about Crowd Management:

What is Crowd Management?

Crowd Management deals with informing people to move from point A to B. In this scenario, the officials are trying their best to stop crowding. These are the proactive steps that take place before any event. 

crowd management

The crowd management team may use highlighting props, signs etc., to guide the people. Some crowd management tools are signage, traffic cones and retractable barriers. 

Crowd Management Plan

A crowd management plan comes into action at large events and ensures a problem-free safe gathering. It consists of :

  • Crowd management ensures a smooth flow of people in any event.
  • It will try to avoid crowds in one place.
  • The team clears the passage of any obstruction.
  • The system will minimise all the potential risks.
  • The profession will try its best to decrease the injuries and any occurrence of violence.
  • Also, the team will pre-assess the venue for all emergency evacuations.
  • They will check the obstructions, doors, first aid, exits etc. Knowledge of the platform and preparedness will let them manage the crowd effectively.

Importance of Crowd Management

The crowd may become overwhelmed at events like a music fest, dance shows, or any open event. These feelings lead to falling, accidents and a lot more. 

So, bringing in a crowd management team is essential. The audience will surely follow the professional uniform that has the proper equipment. The barriers, signs and cones prove helpful, and people follow them mostly. 

Benefits of Crowd Management

These are the benefits of crowd management:

  • It will decrease the chances of accidents and injuries.
  • The event managers will be at peace with someone looking at and managing the people.
  • It ensures the smooth flow of the program.
  • In unexpected emergencies like an earthquake or bomb alert, the professional will handle the crowd very smartly.

Decoding Crowd Control

Let's have a look at what is crowd control:

What Is Crowd Control?

Crowd control comes into action when there is an initial or prime crowd stage. Then, the official will force people to follow crowd protocols till everyone is safe. It also covers the security guards and traffic officers. 

crowd control

So, anything strictly asking people to follow their commands is called crowd control. It's a necessary step to stop further harm and to get out of the situation as soon as possible. The equipment used for crowd control is stage barriers, temporary fencing, and jersey style barriers.

The Procedure of Crowd Control

Crowd control comes into action when there's a strong possibility of unruly crowds. It can be due to excitement, a rumour or any emergency. During this crowd control team uses barriers to keep people in one spot. 

They can use stanchions, crowd control barriers, fences, and decals painted on the ground. One of the most common is to use high fencing, which has visibility to keep the crowd to one side. 

Crowd control may also use the Pentagon Crowd Control System, which uses EMF waves. Interestingly, the 5G network uses these same waves, which may irritate the skin. Some militaries use this technology to control the crowds. However, its usage is rare in common events. 

Importance of Crowd Control

Crowd control comes to action when there is danger, or the crowding is becoming uncontrollable. Therefore, it's necessary to dedicate a dedicated team for crowd control who knows how to use the equipment. In addition, it deals with minimising the risk and controlling the crowd.

Benefits of Crowd Control

The benefits of Crowd Control:

  • Crowd control will use advanced tools to maintain peace and safeguard everyone in the event.
  • Calming and controlling crowds through speech and physical barriers decrease injuries and casualties.

Concluding the Difference Between Crowd Management and Crowd Control

So, after discussing crowd management and control, you must be down to one point that it organises the crowd. But, crowd management works before, during and after the event to assess the situation and maintain it. 

Crowd control is an extensive exercise, easing the crowd and injuries. It uses physical barriers to shift the people to the safe side till the situation is under control. 

Crowd control can bring in advanced and high-level technology and barriers to force the crowd to stay aside. These are water canon, long-range acoustic devices, rubber bullets, tear gas, stun grenades etc.

On the other hand, crowd management has event fencing, signages, attractive cones and barriers. The tools depend on the kind of event, and hence they are for keeping the crowd under control.

Some Smart Ways to Stay Safe in Crowds

Some of the ways to be safe in crowds are:

  • Always evaluate the emergency exits, and read the signage in an event. It will let you follow the path even in panic mode.
  • In the events where there is alcohol, take the amount you can handle.
  • Don't go after a fallen piece of jewellery or money. It can be very dangerous.
  • Always stay in the outer circle of the crowds.
  • If you fall during a rowdy crowd panicking, try to lie down on the left side. This way, you will protect your vital organs and minimise severe injuries.
  • Bring essentials like water and bags and try to cover yourself with them.
  • Always follow the announcements and evacuation teams and trust the professionals.

Bonus Tips

As an event organiser, crowd management, control team and audience, you must have sufficient knowledge of emergency procedures. 

So, always stay vigilant, plan emergency programs and avoid crowding. In addition, follow the professionals and stop the panic situation by calming yourself and everyone around you. It's a joint initiative of everyone, which will minimise the loss.

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