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Construction sites are the most vulnerable sites for stealing valuable machinery and equipment for the thieves. The open nature of construction and workers leaving the location after work makes it an easy target. Well, the belongings are costly and mostly belong to contractors. 
Construction Site Theft

Thus, it will lead to significant monetary loss, which will delay the work. So, the question is how to prevent construction site theft. Fortunately, thanks to new technology and some diligent steps, you can avoid construction site theft completely.

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Let's have a look at all the timely steps to take!

1. Don't Forget to Mark Your Equipment.

A thief will think twice before stealing a product with no resale value. Some effective ways to prevent construction site theft are to engrave or stamp the equipment. You can mark company, address, phone number and licence number on them. 

Forensic marking of your valuable equipment proves very helpful. You can locate the construction equipment through tracking, and a thief will never dare to touch something like that.

CESAR, a nationwide scheme known as Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme, allows the construction head to register important things.

It includes their work and construction equipment to the central register using their identification numbers. In addition, it uses a distinguishing unique tracking code technology that helps locate the equipment in case of any mishap.

2. Creating an Inventory is Crucial

It is a very common occurrence in large construction sites where someone misplaces the machines during the construction work. So, always create a solid inventory with names, licences and all other details of each tool and their number. 

In addition, find a fixed place for keeping them safe when you leave work. You may lose small devices which are costly due to carelessness. Lastly, you must check inventory at the end of every day.

3. Smart Storage Options

The question of how to prevent construction site theft has no direct answers but only precautionary steps. So, one of the best ways is to build a storage unit. It should have unique password codes or keys accessible by only a few people.

Also, accompany it with a log entry of name, time and phone number. A CCTV camera will be very helpful for keeping a backup record. 

4. CCTV Surveillance

The most effective answer to how to prevent construction site theft is installing 24*7 best surveillance cameras. The wireless and effective technology lets you record the footage every time with the App connected to your smart device.

CCTV Surveillance

Also, the footage is very helpful for producing evidence during any theft. Of course, the thieves may trespass the security and disable the alarms but destroying all the CCTV cameras is tough. It's also beneficial at night when there's no one around.

5. Install Worksite Signs

Worksite signs are very important and invoke a feeling of fear in any mischievous mind. The signs like "Warning: No Trespassing" or mentioning that "You're under Watch" are very effective ways to prevent thefts. The warning signs will signify that you're taking every preventive measure to fail any theft attempt.

6. Use Fencing and Barriers

If your worksite allows, you must fence it properly. Thieves may observe all the activities of workers and costly equipment locations. Build a concrete fence that does not allow any view to overlookers. Use barbed wire or razor wire at the top of the fence for additional security.

There must be enough warning signs on the fence. Also, don't let raw material pile-up near the fence as it can let the intruders climb on it. Finally, always check for leaks on or near the fence.

Barriers come to action when fences are not possible. The common types of fences are low walls, posts, dirt berms or ditches. The height of walls and beams should not be more than three feet.

Three feet is the maximum a police professional can overlook while in the car. Also, the trenches and ditches can be three or four feet deep. It should have a slope so that all the important vehicles can cross easily. 

7. Hire a Security Guard

An active security guard who can check all the fences, signs, CCTV and storage units will be very helpful. Always check the SIA licence of the security guard.

Also, Check for his experience and all the necessary details. In addition, some spam security companies provide rogue security guards to target the valuables at large construction sites.

8. Use Immobilisers

Use locks on all the vehicles as professional thieves use these vehicles to escape, hide and ride them away. Also, park all the equipment and other vehicles in a safe spot.

Learning about any leaks in security can save you lots of time and money. So, always lock the vehicles before leaving the construction site. 

9. Light up the Premises

Light up the Premises

Good lighting is an effective check to prevent construction thefts. The 24*7 lights that throw light at all the construction entries are crucial.

Light will indicate that some personnel are always there on the construction site and let you chase or notice intruders. They plan the thefts, especially in the dark, so don't give any opening by installing proper lights. 

10. Bring in Construction Equipment According to the Need

Construction equipment has a designated role, and after that, you may need a new one for another task. So, always bring the equipment to the construction site according to the need.

Also, return the equipment that has served its need. It will avoid lots of hassle and will give you free space. In addition, your inventory will be short as you can manage the other construction equipment more effectively. So, a regular check on the demand for construction equipment is essential.

Bonus Tips

The answers to how to prevent construction site theft are many, and each one is effective. A team of responsible workers and every individual can save lots of buck, formalities and legal qualities.

So, follow all these precautionary steps, update your staff about every issue and ask them to be vigilant. Then, power up the work with additional security so that you can complete the work on time without any trouble.

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