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In most car accidents, speed is the main factor increasing both danger and injury. As drivers travel quicker, they have less time to react to road circumstances and any subsequent crash creates more damage to the surrounding drivers.

Organisations can choose from a variety of traffic calming instruments to promote safe driving to combat the speed issue. One of the methods used to slow down vehicles and boost driver consciousness is speed limits, speed bumps, speed humps, roundabouts and warnings. While Speed Bumps also promote safe driving, enforcement on a bigger scale can be hard and costly.


Speed Ramp Kit - Street Solutions UK


What are Speed Ramps?

Speed ramps or speed bumps are extremely efficient equipment for calming traffic, perfect for business and residential use. The speed ramps are sometimes referred to as 'Sleeping Policemen' 

The Speed Bumps will typically come in 2 depth sizes, which allow the varied speeds that vehicles can travel over them at, these will either 50mm or 75mm. Speed humps are designed to slow down vehicles to between to speed of 5 mph and 15 mph.

Read on to find out which Speed Ramp is best for you.


What are Speed Ramps made from?

The speed ramps at Street Solutions UK are made of high-density, recycled rubber and are low-maintenance, weather-resistant and extremely hard-wearing. The plastic and rubber compound lifts give a soft and pleasant journey compared to standard concrete or asphalt speed bumps, with no danger of harm to the car travelling over them.

Speed ramps are appropriate for a broad spectrum of cars, from motorcycles to HGV trucks, with a practically infinite weight loading capability. Great for busy areas, which will see thousands of cars daily.


What colour Speed Ramp do I need?

Speed Ramps come as standard in 2 different colours, Black and Yellow.

Ramp kits typically come in a mixture of both colours to act as a vibrant warning to road users that there is a Speed Ramp in place.

But purchasing one of our standard Speed Bump kits you will be sent an equally mixed kit of yellow and black.

We can also supply speed ramp kits in specific colour schemes, i.e all-black kits or all yellow kits.

Please get in touch with our team on 0161 706 0479 to discuss your requirement or email us at



What sizes do Speed Ramp kits come in?

Our Speed Ramp kits come in multiplies of 0.5 metres, starting at 1 metre in length.

We have a selection of speed ramp kits online available for instant purchase, but if would like a custom sized speed bump kit above 10 metres please get in touch for a quote.

NO RAMP size is too big and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.


What bolts will I need for my Speed Ramp Kit?  

We can supply a selection of ground fixings with you Speed Ramp kits, these will all depend on the ground surface that you will be fixing the ramp down to.


Tarmac Bolt - Speed Bump Kit


Which depth Speed Ramp kit will I need?

Speed bumps come in 2 sizes, please see below to find out what will be the best fit for your application environment.


50mm Speed Bumps

Speed Control – 10mph

  • Great For:
  • Cars
  • Car parks
  • Shopping Centre
  • Schools/Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Petrol Stations


75mm Speed Bumps

Speed Control – 5mph

  • HGV's, Trucks, Lorries & Vans
  • Industrial Estates
  • Warehouses
  • Construction Sites
  • Civil Sites
  • Service Stations

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