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Street Solutions UK are experts in supplying high quality traffic calming products. All of the speed bumps UK we supply are built with premium high-density PVC and rubber, all of which are tried and tested to withstand usage from 45-tonne heavy goods vehicles, cars, lorries and vans. The materials that we use for speed ramps are chosen for their high durability and long-lasting compounds that will keep the ramps keeping their form for years. The mid-section on the speed bumps features a cable channel grove that will allow you to safely protect wires, hoses and cables from being run over by vehicles.

If you are currently looking for a speed bump kit but are unsure of the size, length, colour and the fixings that you need then don’t worry, our expert customer service and sales team at Street Solutions will be available to narrow down your choices making sure that you get exactly what you need to help control the speed of traffic at your site.

traffc calming speed bumps speed ramp kit 50mm 75mm 5mph 10mph


Why install a speed bump kit?

As technology develops and the cars on our roads become faster, quieter and more common. the safety of our pedestrians and workers needs to be of the upmost importance. Once a vehicle is travelling at high speeds the potential risk of a crash is drastically increased and with it are the levels of damage caused to pedestrians and the buildings/structures around it. You can install signs promoting the speed limit, but these are often ignored as they offer no physical deterrent to the motorists. Instead, the more practical and cost-effective way of managing the speed in to install sleeping policemen kits in either the 50mm (10mph) or 75mm (5mph) sizes.

speed bump kit 50mm 75mm 5mph 10mph

What speed bumps do we supply?

The Street Solutions UK range of speed ramp kits is available in both the 50mm and 75mm sizes.

The 50mm speed bumps are ideal for controlling motorists to a 10mph speed limit.

The 75mm speed bumps are ideal for controlling motorists to a 5mph speed limit.

Once you’ve selected the depth of speed bump kit that you require you will need to find out the length of kit you need to cover the ground space, through our website we have the option to purchase kits from 1 metre right through to 10 metres. However, if these are not suitable lengths then we can supply you with larger sizes, all you need to do is drop our team an email to or give us a call on 0161 706 0479.

Fixing your speed bump kits to the correct ground type is very important, we supply our speed ramp kits with either Tarmac (Asphalt) or Concrete bolts. Both are installed in a similar way and offer secure fixings that will keep your speed bumps grounded for years.

The common colour scheme for the speed bump kits is yellow and black, yet we know that this is not always what you require so we can also supply the kits in all black sections along with all yellow sections.

Also see our guide on speed bumps vs speed humps!

traffic calming speed bumps speed ramp kit 50mm 75mm 5mph 10mph

Where should you install speed bumps?

Speed bump kits supplied by Street Solutions UK are only permitted for usage on private roads and use on the public highways will require authorisation from the local authority prior to installation. The installation of the speed bump kits is most commonly outdoors with the occasional usage indoors inside warehouses. You will find the speed bumps at home at; Schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, retail parks, industrial estates, drive-thrus, service stations, petrol stations, car parks.

speed bump kit 50mm 75mm 5mph 10mph
How do the speed bumps fit together?

The speed bump kits that we supply are simply positioned on the ground in your desired placement. Pushing the ramps sections next to one another is more than suitable to keep your speeding issues under control. The speed ramp sections are modular meaning that you can purchase additional sections to make extra speed bumps or in case you have mis measured and need to add in additional length.

sleeping policeman kit 50mm 75mm 5mph 10mph

Can I install speed bumps myself?

Yes, our speed bumps are simple to install if the instructions are followed correctly. You will need to make sure that you are installing the speed bumps on a section of ground that is flat and smooth with no debris or gaps/channels underneath.

speed bump kit 50mm 75mm 5mph 10mph


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