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What are Chapter 8 Regulations? 

The Chapter 8 Regulations are codes of practice in place that are intended to help you to safely carry out signing (see our UK Road Signs), lighting and guarding (also see our pedestrian barriers) of street works and road works on all highways and roads.

This Code is directed at operatives, supervisors, managers, planners and designers who are responsible for making sure that all street and road works are safe for both operatives and the public. 

Road users including pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians (horse riders) should not be put at risk, and should be able to see the extent and nature of any obstruction well before they reach it. These regulations are at the forefront of any product design when creating items for our roads. 

Who created the Chapter 8 Regulations?

The Chapter 8 Regulations were created by the Department for Transport and can be found within the comprehensive guide for traffic signs and management. 

The Chapter 8 name is a result of the regulations position within the guide for traffic signs and management.

‘Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations’ is then split into 3 sections:

Part 1: Designs 

Part 2: Operations 

Part 3: Update (2016 Information)

For ease of access to this information the Department for Transport have later released a more concise version of the regulations called the "Safety at Street Works and Road Works A Code of Practice" this is best known as The Red Book.

What Traffic Management Products do Chapter 8 Regulations apply to? 




                                              TRAFFIC BOLLARD






Find out more about our Chapter 8 Products by heading over to its very own Product Page where you can access all of the required information.  

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