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Self-Adhesive Non-Reflective Hazard Warning Tape - Black & Yellow - 66m x 60mm
£11.24 Ex. VAT
£13.49 Inc. VAT
Kerb Ramps - Pack of 2 (4" Rise)
£24.99 Ex. VAT
£29.99 Inc. VAT
Non Adhesive Barrier Tape - Red/White - 500m x 75mm
£9.99 Ex. VAT
£11.99 Inc. VAT
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Construction Accessories

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Construction Accessories


Plastic Wheelbarrow With Pneumatic Tyre

£169.99 Inc. VAT

£141.66 Ex. VAT

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Enhance your projects with our wall fastening kit. Includes 10 galvanized screws and wall plugs. Pack of 10 with 3.5mm screws and 40mm length. Perfect for secure installations. Achieve professional results effortlessly. Ideal for various applications. Upgrade your toolkit today.

Steel Galv Coaxis Wall Fixing Kit 27.5mm

£1.39 Inc. VAT

£1.16 Ex. VAT

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Enhance your Coaxis rail system with our durable PVC Small End Cap in black. Crafted for secure closure, these end caps add sophistication to your installation. Designed for Coaxis rails, they offer a seamless fit, ensuring a professional finish. Durable and stylish, they elevate any space.

PVC Small End Cap Black (Pair)

£1.29 Inc. VAT

£1.08 Ex. VAT

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Enhance storage hook installations with our plug and screw kit. Pack includes 8 screws and wall plugs. Each screw is 45mm long. Total length of the kit is 100mm. Perfect for securing hooks to walls securely and efficiently.

Plug & Screw Kit (8 Pieces)

£2.09 Inc. VAT

£1.74 Ex. VAT

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Upgrade your alfer coaxis installation with our premium fastening kit. Achieve stability and durability effortlessly with 2 end caps, 3 black drill caps, and 2 round head screws included. Crafted for reliability and longevity, this kit ensures a secure mounting solution for various applications. Say goodbye to hassles with our comprehensive fastening kit!

PVC Coaxis Wall Fixing Kit 35.5mm Black

£1.89 Inc. VAT

£1.58 Ex. VAT

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Efficiently combine coaxis profiles with our hook assembling set, ensuring continuous and secure fastening. Includes 6 threaded pins (M5 x 16mm), 6 threaded pins (M5 x 23mm), 6 knurled nuts, and 12 square nuts (M5), all made from durable plastic (PA). Length: 100mm.

PVC Hook & Screw Kit

£5.19 Inc. VAT

£4.33 Ex. VAT

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PVC round plug for round tubing, ensuring neat finish. Crafted from durable PVC for superior results. Ideal for various projects, providing professional touch.

PVC Lamellar Round Plug 23.5mm Black (Pair)

£1.69 Inc. VAT

£1.41 Ex. VAT

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Achieve a polished look for square tubing with our durable black PVC square plug. Crafted from tough PVC, it ensures sturdy, long-lasting finishing. Designed for neatness, it enhances project appeal. Ideal for various applications, offering versatility for DIY or industrial projects. Say goodbye to rough edges with our sleek PVC square plug.

PVC Lamellar Square Plug 23.5mm Black (Pair)

£0.89 Inc. VAT

£0.74 Ex. VAT

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Effortlessly streamline square tube connections with our durable PVC three-way flat connector. Simplify assembly for various projects, ensuring sturdy and secure connections. Ideal for amateurs and professionals, it's a versatile addition to your toolkit. Say goodbye to complicated installations with our user-friendly PVC connector.

PVC 3 Way Flat Corner Connector 23.5mm Black

£1.59 Inc. VAT

£1.33 Ex. VAT

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Effortlessly streamline your square tube connections with our flat PVC corner three-way connector. Designed for simplicity, this connector ensures hassle-free installation, offering secure connectivity for square tubing projects. Crafted from durable PVC, it guarantees reliability for various applications.

PVC 3 Way Corner Connector 23.5mm Black

£1.89 Inc. VAT

£1.58 Ex. VAT

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Experience seamless connectivity with our PVC connector, crafted for effortless assembly of square tubes. Ensures snug fit, hassle-free installation for various applications. Made from high-quality PVC, guarantees durability and reliability. Simplifies assembly process, swift connection of square tubing.

PVC 2 Way Corner Connector 23.5mm Black

£1.49 Inc. VAT

£1.24 Ex. VAT

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