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Kerb Ramps - Pack of 2 (4" Rise)
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Wipes, Hygiene & General Sundries

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Wipes, Hygiene & General Sundries

Crafted with safety in mind, this formula is compatible with most non-porous surfaces and ensures treated areas are safe for human contact when used as directed. Independently tested to BS EN 14476 standards, our disinfectant offers reliable performance against harmful pathogens, providing peace of mind in any environment.

Powerful Antiviral Disinfectant 1L

£8.39 Inc. VAT

£6.99 Ex. VAT

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Enhance your hand drying experience with our top-tier hand towels, perfectly compatible with a variety of towel dispensers. Crafted from recycled paper, these towels combine sustainability with exceptional absorbency, ensuring effective drying in kitchens and bathrooms alike.

White C-Fold Hand Towel 2 Ply 202 Sheet (Box of 12)

£43.59 Inc. VAT

£36.33 Ex. VAT

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Discover eco-friendly hand towels crafted from recycled paper, offering superior absorbency and durability. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, these high-quality towels are compatible with various dispensers, ensuring efficient cleaning in both household and commercial environments.

Green C-Fold Hand Towel 1 Ply 240 Sheet (Box of 12)

£31.09 Inc. VAT

£25.91 Ex. VAT

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Protect your environment with this potent Antiviral Disinfectant, swiftly eliminating pathogens, including Coronavirus, in under five minutes. Independently tested to BS EN 14476 standards, it ensures thorough disinfection for safety and peace of mind.

Powerful Antiviral Disinfectant 5L

£29.49 Inc. VAT

£24.58 Ex. VAT

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Explore the utility of mixed-colored cotton rags, perfect for cleaning and polishing in industries like general contracting and automotive valeting. These medium-weight rags efficiently absorb liquids, offering a budget-friendly solution for heavy-duty cleaning in garages and industrial settings.

General-Purpose Mixed Rags (Coloured) 5kg

£16.79 Inc. VAT

£13.99 Ex. VAT

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Enhance cleanliness with our Glass, Window, and Mirror Cleaner, ideal for glass, mirrors, tiles, and stainless steel. This powerful formula effortlessly removes dirt, grease, limescale, and watermarks, leaving a dazzling, streak-free finish. Professional-grade solution for spotless surfaces in any environment.

Glass Cleaner 750ml

£2.99 Inc. VAT

£2.49 Ex. VAT

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Ensure workplace safety with this HSE-compliant wall-mountable eye wash station, equipped with 10 sterile saline solution eye pods and 2 sterile eye pad dressings. Featuring a built-in mirror for easy application, it offers essential first aid provisions for minor eye incidents, adhering to safety regulations for optimal workplace care.

Wall-mountable Eye Wash Station

£13.59 Inc. VAT

£11.33 Ex. VAT

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Highly absorbent dishcloths designed for versatile cleaning, suitable for home or professional use. Soft texture and excellent absorbency make them ideal for spills, washing up, and general wiping tasks.

Dish Cloth Bleached White (Pack of 10)

£4.39 Inc. VAT

£3.66 Ex. VAT

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Elevate your cleaning routine with this potent super thick bleach solution, formulated to combat a variety of pathogens effectively. Enhanced with potent detergents, it swiftly eliminates grime and bacteria, leaving surfaces spotless.

Super Thick Bleach - 5L

£7.09 Inc. VAT

£5.91 Ex. VAT

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Highly durable cotton twill dust sheet with close-weave stitched hems, offering reliable protection against dust, dirt, and splashes. Ideal for floors and furniture, suitable for tradesmen, professionals, and contractors.

Cotton Twill Heavy Duty Dust Sheet

£8.29 Inc. VAT

£6.91 Ex. VAT

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Sink unblocker kit with sink plug adaptor, swiftly eliminates pipe blockages using compressed gas, ensuring convenience and ease. Fast-acting formula, no harmful chemicals, offers safe and effective clog removal. Unique solution for rapid and mess-free sink blockage clearing, ideal for homeowners and professionals.

Sink Unblocker Aerosol 200ml

£13.09 Inc. VAT

£10.91 Ex. VAT

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Ensure thorough sanitation with our potent bleach solution, tackling a spectrum of pathogens. Ready for immediate use, it swiftly eradicates germs and grime with added detergents. Enjoy a refreshing pot-pourri fragrance for a clean, inviting environment.

Fast Acting Bleach - 5L

£4.39 Inc. VAT

£3.66 Ex. VAT

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Builders and contractors rely on these rubble sacks for efficient waste management, featuring superior tear resistance and durability. Crafted from robust plastic (280gsm/70mu) and fully reusable, they promote sustainability with Recycled LDPE material.

Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks (Pack of 10)

£2.89 Inc. VAT

£2.41 Ex. VAT

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Versatile general-purpose refuse sacks, crafted for durability and efficiency in waste management. Robust design withstands heavy loads, ensuring effective clean-ups and increased productivity.

General Purpose Refuse Sacks (Pack of 10)

£1.79 Inc. VAT

£1.49 Ex. VAT

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Highly Absorbent 2-Ply Blue Rolls for Commercial and Domestic Kitchens, featuring a Sturdy Construction, Tear-Resistant Centrefeed Design, and Eco-Friendly attributes, perfect for tackling spills and surface cleaning tasks while minimizing environmental impact.

Blue Centrefeed Paper Rolls 2-Ply (Pack of 6) - 150m Per

£27.19 Inc. VAT

£22.66 Ex. VAT

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Designed for handling building and landscaping waste, these heavy-duty rubble sacks offer robust tear resistance and efficient storage and transportation for various refuse types in building, DIY, and garden projects. Crafted from high-quality materials, they ensure durability and reliability, making them ideal for managing heavy building, DIY, and garden refuse.

Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks (Roll of 10)

£3.19 Inc. VAT

£2.66 Ex. VAT

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Ensure protection against Weil's disease with these efficient hand wipes, ideal for outdoor activities. Their white design offers visibility, promoting easy access during use. Safeguard against Weils (Leptospirosis) disease, maintaining hygiene in diverse environments effortlessly.

Anti Weils Wipes (Bucket of 250)

£13.39 Inc. VAT

£11.16 Ex. VAT

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Powerful Anti-Weil's Hand Wipes for outdoor activities. Protect against Weil's disease, MRSA, E. coli, salmonella, and coronavirus. Crafted for thorough disinfection, ensuring hand hygiene in outdoor and daily use. Essential for safety and cleanliness.

Anti-weil’s Prowipes Tub of 200 Wipes

£10.99 Inc. VAT

£9.16 Ex. VAT

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Indulge in luxurious antibacterial hand soap, gentle yet effective formula leaves hands soft and clean. Kills 99.9% of germs, offers easy foaming, enriched with moisturizers. Professional-grade for maximum hand hygiene, protection against bacteria, ensures cleanliness and softness.

Antibacterial Hand Soap 5L

£10.19 Inc. VAT

£8.49 Ex. VAT

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Luxurious antibacterial hand soap with gentle, effective formula for everyday use. Kills 99.9% of germs, easy foaming, enriched with moisturizers. Professional-grade, ensures maximum hygiene, protects against bacteria, keeps hands perfectly clean.

Antibacterial Hand Soap (500ml)

£1.59 Inc. VAT

£1.33 Ex. VAT

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