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Here at Street Solutions UK we understand the importance of making your products stand out. So we offer a number of ways to customise yours so it separates yours from the crowd.

Whether its for making your event stand out from the rest, or making your products clearly your property we have you covered here at Street Solutions. 

We offer Custom Embossing for most Cones and Barriers, this is where we have a plate engraved and the product moulded around the engraved plate see below for some examples. 

Cones – These are customised by embossing them, they can be embossed with anything you require, company name, logo or contact details etc. As well as having the cones embossed it is also possible to get the cone sleeves customised. A print can be produced to almost any design in any colour to suit the customers needs. The coloured plastic top is readily available in Highway orange, blue, yellow and green but can be any colour with a minimum of 100 pieces.

Barriers – These can be embossed. They are most commonly embossed with a company name, however they can be embossed with anything required. A plate is produced with the confirmed design on and is placed on a section at the bottom of the barrier (470x80mm), this is where the embossing will be placed. A sticker can also be put here if that is preferred. 

We will also create a Computer Image like the ones on this page, and send you it for confirmation, it must be noted that slight differences in colour will occur due to the manufacturing processes. Once the specifics of the customisation have been agreed we can begin production, we aim to get all custom orders with you within 7 working days.

We take every inquiry regarding customisation on a case by case basis, therefore our prices are flexible. We try to make the whole process straight forward and simple. Contact Us today for a quote and have your Custom Product on site in no time.

Signs are also extensively customisable, with custom sign faces with any text, image or logo being able to be printed.