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COVID-19: The Importance Of Testing Centre Signage

Alongside the spread of COVID-19 worldwide came the rise of signs, posters, stickers, and other such warning signs to keep whole populations safe. Physical signs outlining socially distanced walkways or directions of COVID-19 testing facilities were intended to limit risk by taking the human out of the directional process. 

COVID-19 site entrance safety sign

Moreover, if test centres could achieve a steady flow of continuous foot traffic, they could limit stragglers or disoriented visitors who could potentially breach COVID-19 restrictions. In short, the need for rapid deployment of testing facilities throughout the UK has caused the need for new clear and concise messages for test site visitors. This all fell under the umbrella term of “COVID-19 signage.”

Why COVID-19 signs are still essential for Testing Centres

However, though the roll-out of vaccines has offered some hope, COVID-19 still looms large. Unfortunately, as initial hopelessness and confusion has subsided, some have let their guard down, resulting in a lateral uptick in positive cases is being seen across the UK.

Consequently, COVID-19 test centres, having seen many surges in visitor numbers over the last ten months, must remain at-the-ready for influxes.

The majority, if not all, people who pass through a test centres doors have reasonable cause to believe they may have COVID-19. Perhaps they’ve been in close contact with someone who tested positive or are showing symptoms.

The reality is, however, that while some visitors may be positive, others will not be. It is in the COVID-19 test centre’s best interest to ensure those negative cases do not become positive cases while visiting their facilities. Naturally, maintaining social distancing regulations has become a priority for testing centres

To achieve this, they must clarify their location and how to get there or where to stand. That way, visitors will have a clear idea of where they must go while limiting contacts. The hope is that they will not have to ask anyone on-site for direction or potentially come into contact with another visitor while seeking out their destination.

Where you can find every COVID-19 Sign you need to protect your Test Centre

Here at Street Solutions UK, we’ve taken every possible test centre scenario into account and have adjusted our product range accordingly. We currently stock every COVID Sign required to adhere to safety regulations within the UK. However, going a step further, we also customise signs for customers with more specialised requirements. You can Contact Us now to discuss your COVID-19 Signage requirements

covid-19 test site safety sign

We’ve factored weather conditions into our product designs, ensuring that our free-standing signs are robust and wind/rain-proof. The durability of our signs means that they can be left outside of a test centre for the duration of the day without needing to be tended to. The sign stanchions are built to last and are completely rust-proof.

When it comes to packing the COVID-19 signs away for the day, you’re guaranteed safe handling and an easy job due to their stackable design.

If you’re looking for your one-stop COVID-19 regulation sign shop, why not visit us here? We’ve got everything you need to keep your COVID-19 test centre safe. Plus, we’re always just a phone call or email away. So, contact us today, and we’ll sort out all of your COVID-19 signage needs.


sign safety covid 19 sign

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