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 Complete Guide To UK Kerb Ramps

Wherever an accessible path crosses a kerb, a UK kerb ramp should be provided. The kerb ramp is a vehicle access ramp that connects the sidewalk and the street.

Vehicles can be driven over the footway/verge to park on private property using the kerb ramp. The Kerb ramp allows wheelchair users access to the sidewalk, something they would not be able to do otherwise due to the curb's barrier.


Hand trolleys, golf carts, motorbikes, RVs, and boats may all benefit from it. And, it can be used in parking lots or on sidewalks to allow water runoff to drain into an area where it can infiltrate, such as grass or a garden.

The ramp is terraced down from the upper surface of a sidewalk to the surface of an adjacent street for pedestrian usage. On sidewalks, junctions, on-street parking sites, loading zones, bus stops, and mid-block crossings, it's ideal as a curb cut.

For school parking lots and crossings, playground areas, hospitals, and public or private parking lots, this is the ideal vehicle access.

Are round or curved ramps permitted?

Are round or curved ramps permitted

Ramps lacking level landings during changes of direction generally will not fulfil the Standards owing to ensuing compound slopes. Unless the radius is big enough for the cross slope to be compliant and compound slopes are avoided, this includes most circular or curved ramps. Otherwise, because not all wheels rest uniformly on the terrain due to the curve and slope, wheelchair movement is difficult.

Is there a limit to how far the ramp handrails may be separated?

No, only a minimum distance (36") between railings is necessary. On wide ramps, the Standards do not require the use of a centre or intermediate railing.

What are the advantages of using Kerb ramps?

Here is list of some of the best advantages of having kerbs.

  • It is unaffected by street cleaning equipment.
  • Low-profile tyres and rims are protected by the curb ramp.
  • The driveway may be used by low-profile automobiles without causing harm.
  • It's completed with a gradient in the middle that joins both surfaces.
  • A one-of-a-kind, long-lasting, and cost-effective modular product.
  • It is ideal for pedestrian use and is typically seen in metropolitan areas with high pedestrian traffic.
  • Unlike any concrete or asphalt ramp, it is more durable and friendly on wheelchairs and hand carts.
  • It improves gas efficiency by decreasing maintenance expenses and tyre wear by limiting damage to steering components and alignment.
  • It can help relieve back pain in drivers and passengers who are entering and exiting driveways.
  • Water flows freely beneath the ramp, and there is no need for piping.
  • Excessive water flows out and around the device due to a canal constructed into the bottom of the device, as well as slanted ends.
  • End components are available to finish off the ends of the kerb ramp for a finished look and to assist cars in getting up and over the ramp while parking parallel to the curb.
  • Strong enough to withstand big vehicles.
  • Environmentally friendly, as it is constructed entirely of recycled rubber.
  • Extreme temperature variations, UV light, oil, and moisture resistance
  • Easy to maintain: does not rust, chip, crack, crumble, corrode, or require repainting.
  • The use of rubber as a foundation material aids in the creation of a greater grip on the road.
  • Vehicle tyres and environmental conditions do not flatten or wear it away.
  • Installation is simple: it does not necessitate the use of experienced workers.
  • Because rubber is lighter and simpler to work with than asphalt and concrete, the number of hours required to install it is significantly reduced.
  • Due to its flexible rubber composition, it withstands collisions and does not shatter.
  • They don't need to be painted, so they're low-maintenance.
  • Many nations and states provide for tax deductions.
  • Each ramp (middle or end part) includes a cable or hose access point

    Learn more about the use of Kerb Ramp in 2023 here.

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