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The best outdoor- wear for your business

The best outdoor- wear

Whether you are a construction worker, in the automotive sector, or any other outdoor demanding job, you need something comfortable and tough in fabric to protect you all day.

The right wear should never be underestimated since it sets the bar in enhancing the given work safely and effectively. Tough fabrics, leather, and hard hats are standard in any outdoor profession.

Let us look at some essential factors when it comes to the outdoor worker so you can get a better understanding of the types of gear your team needs.

Material Types

Whether it is an overall or a polo shirt, you must use the suitable material. Here are some popular outdoor contruction workwear materials.

1. Cotton duck

This is a durable woven fabric that is the most famous work material that is out there. It is also used to make sandbags, shoes, and tents, so that way, you know it is pretty tough. This material can be stiff at first but gets more comfortable as it is worn and washed.

2. Denim

This material is not as rigid as cotton duck, but it is very comfortable and stylish.

3. Leather

It is usually made from tanned animal hide and can have a variety of grades of stiffness and protection depending on the animal type and production method. For sure, leather is tough and such a great quality for work.

4. Synthetic Fabrics

It includes fabrics such as nylon and polyester. Their fame has grown over the years due to the recent advances in artificial technology. Producers are keen to amplify their protection against elements and use them as lightweight, protective wear.

 Important features to consider for Outdoor work wear

This would help if you were looking for vital features when shopping for outdoor work wear. Be keen to select the most effective and functional gear. Here are some features to look out for.

1. Water repellency and proofing capabilities

Ensure that the worker is dried fast when the weather gets tricky. Working in wet conditions like a soaking shirt can be a serious bummer.

2. Heavy-Duty Zippers features

Ensure you get a zipper that doesn’t get stuck or one that is prone to break.

3. Heat and flame resistant abilities

This is especially important for workers exposed to open flames or hot substances. This is a crucial feature for firefighters.

4. Stretch fabrication

This implies that the garment uses fibers and will stretch with you as you move, meaning that your movement is unrestricted and your comfort is enhanced throughout.

5. Rip stop technology

This feature usually appears as a symbol on some garments, and it means that the fabric has increased tear and abrasion resistance through an advanced fabric weave.

The weave allows you to use lightweight materials to keep you cool while ensuring the garment that will stand up to tough jobs.

6. Advanced knee protection

The knee protection features more padding and reinforcement around the knee area, which is crucial for those who spend a lot of time crouching on-site such as a gardener or a plumber.

7. Breathability

This fabric allows more air to pass through, letting the wearer stay cool, dry, and comfortable while working. This is very important when the weather is warmer or when jobs increase movements.

Types of work wear

Depending on the job, there are different types of work wear items:

1. Work Jackets

These work jackets are key in protecting from elements. Get ones with resistant features like waterproofing.

2. Work pants

These work pants are mostly made from denim or durable fabric. They may have features such as deep pockets.

3. Overalls

Work overalls cover from head to toe. They are instrumental when handling messy jobs that might ruin the clothes inside.

4. Thermal underwear

This is mainly used in critical cold situations. Adding an extra layer can make a difference in being overly chilly and being just comfortable in the worksite.

5. Hardhats, Glasses, and other safety accessories

Hardhats, Glasses, and other safety accessories protect you from harm during your work operations and enhance professionalism.

The process of acquiring outdoor wear for your business

1. Take your time to find your new baseline

The most suitable way to change specifications in your protective work wear is by linking them to functional needs. It is very important to carry out a risk assessment of your work environment.

Also, ensure you know which workers will be wearing the garments. Be keen to get their opinion of the work wear, air any issues they might be facing, and highlight what needs improvement. The results will later be aligned to the stakeholders involved in decision-making.

2. Get value chain partners involved

The partners will help you get the most cost-effective garment that will help provide the proper levels of protection in high-risk situations. They also assist in bridging the gap between the wearer’s unmet needs and, as a result, save you valuable time by hindering the tender process from stalling.

3. Don’t focus too much on the money

As a professional health and safety manager, you might need to negotiate to buy-in from your purchaser. Avoid any potential tug of war in compromising between budget and safety. Focus on the price-quality ratio instead.

Your supplier should provide technical expertise to help you calculate the total ownership of the new garments, ensuring that you save money in the long term.

4. Take your wear trial seriously

A wear trial is the moment of truth after all your hard work. Ensure that the garments meet all the specifications in the tender and that the employees are enthusiastic about wearing them. This process is a guiding start to getting the best protective clothing.  

If you are looking for an extensive range of outdoor wear, look no further. Here at Street Solution UK, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality of fabric at affordable prices and all sizes. 

We supply amazing work gear in sectors such as traffic management, construction, retail production, along with residential use in homes, schools, colleges, and work environments.

Call us or email us today for all your outdoor work gear needs, and we will be delighted to serve you as your best partners in the game.

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