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Falcon Open Top Litter Bin - 90 Litre Capacity

£174.99 Inc. VAT
£145.83 Ex. VAT

Falcon Open Top Litter Bin - 90 Litre Capacity

£174.99 Inc. VAT
£145.83 Ex. VAT
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⊛ Available a range of high quality colours & designs 

⊛ Comes with galvanised steel or plastic liner

⊛ As standard with Tidyman or Recycling logo

⊛ Corporate branding available, please get in touch with our sales team for more information 

⊛ A large 90 litre galvanised steel or plastic liner capacity

⊛ Manufactured in the UK

⊛ Easy clean plastic to keep bin looking brand new all year round

Small quantities of bins are held in stock, however, they may need to be manufactured to order. For an accurate lead time please contact our sales team on 0161 706 0479 or by emailing


Bin Dimensions
Height 800mm
Diameter 500mm
Bin Weight
Per Piece 10.8kg
Bin Material
Type UV Stabilised Polyethylene
Type Dispatched within a cardboard box with all components
Falcon Outdoor 90 Litre Litter Bin Melba Swintex


The Falcon is a premium quality 90 Litre Open Top Litter Bin featuring a modern style and a decorative band. The open top design enables litter to be easily and quickly placed inside as walking by so keeping your public areas clean and tidy.

To ensure a long life, the Falcon Litter Bin is manufactured with a premium grade UV-stabilised colourfast plastic providing a smooth gloss finish. This bin is available in a variety of colours, featuring a black accent band for protection, and a Tidyman logo.

Standard colours: 

⊛ Black

⊛ Blue

⊛ Light Green

⊛ Dark Green

⊛ Red

⊛ Yellow

⊛ Brown

⊛ Beige

⊛ Burgundy

Making sure that the litter bin meets all of your requirements, additional extras are available.

Falcon Outdoor 90 Litre Litter Bin Melba Swintex


The Falcon Litter Bin is amongst those that we can tailor to suit your requirements. This customisation includes custom colours and embossing of company names and branding.

With a choice of standard logos, either the Tidyman or Recycling logo are available to suit your needs. Custom stickers are also available, great for branding of events or additional notifications (subject to minimum order quantities).

If you are not happy with the colours given, a custom colour can be made. However, this is subject to a colour match and minimum order quantities.

Merlin 40 Litre Litter Bin Melba Swintex


The Falcon Litter Bins are supplied with a choice of either galvanised steel or plastic liners.

What are the benefits of Galvanised Steel bin liners? 

The galvanised coating of cold rolled steel, using the hot dip galvanising process ensures it will never shrink or crack because it is metallurgically bonded to the steel it protects. It also offers superior resistance to abrasion and water. Galvanised steel bin liners would be best suitable for smoking areas. 

What are the benefits of Plastic bin liners?

Our robust plastic liners are most appropriate for use in corrosive environments as the material will not rust. The durable polyethylene material will absorb impacts without losing its shape and will also be lighter in weight than a metal equivalent.

Other benefits of using a plastic bin liner is that they are non-conductive of electricity and have no scrap value.

Falcon Outdoor 90 Litre Litter Bin Melba Swintex


The Falcon Litter Bin has the option to be either weighted down with a concrete base, or by fixing them to the pavement or similar surface with fixing bolts.

The Falcon Litter Bin can be supplied with a choice of concrete ballasts allowing you to put the bin in use straight away. Alternatively you can buy with the ground fixing option, taking a small amount of time to install. The bin will be fixed securely to the ground until physically unmounted and moved.

For the weighted base, the bins require a 750 x 750 x 80mm circular base. Simply insert this into the bin. The concrete ballast must be requested on order of the bin.

Adding weight to the container, however in this case, the weight is added to the interior of the bin. The litter or recycling bin base is filled with the concrete ballast to create an internal base weight and root the bin to the ground.

Concrete ballasts are suitable for temporary, seasonal, or new developments applications and where the risk of vandalism and theft is low.

Utilising ground fixings will allow your bin to be permanently fixed to its location. The fixing bolts are inserted through the fixing holes in the base of the bin and driven into freshly drilled holes in the ground, allowing the container to be attached to the surface securely.

It is recommended to use ground fixings wherever possible when securing your bins in place, to provide additional resistance to vandalism, theft, or unauthorised removal.

Falcon Outdoor 90 Litre Litter Bin Melba Swintex


This litter bin comes with a 90-litre capacity that can be easily emptied by removing the Galvanised steel or Plastic Liner.

Cleaning the Falcon litter bin is a straightforward process thanks to its completely plastic design; mud, dirt and any other litter that may have blemished the bin can be quickly wiped off.

The Falcon litter bin is an essential external litter bin in many councils, park, village, street, town, and school settings and can also be used indoors if required. For usage outdoors the bins come available in a range of high quality colours that are built to last and stand the test of time. Completely weatherproof without the risk of fading with its UV resistant Polyethylene structure.