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Ultimate guide to workwear

Ultimate guide to workwear

When it comes to purchasing safety and waterproof workwear for your employees and project team, there are a lot of considerations that need to be taken into account. The clothes that you purchase need to be of good quality, able to provide protection and handle the demands and strains of the work.

To help you pick out the ideal workwear for your teams, Street Solutions UK has put together this article. Within it, you will find the various elements that you should consider. Street Solutions is a leading workwear provider in the industry, known for its quality and bespoke products. Our clients can attest to the quality of workwear that we provide.

Compliance with industry standards and regulations

All employers and companies need to ensure that risks and hazards are controlled through the provision of standard workwear and gear. As an employer, you are responsible for knowing the risks of the industry, consulting with health and safety professionals in their management, and also maintaining insurance covers for both workers and third parties.

When it comes to compliance, one cannot brush aside the issue of training your employees. While you might have the standard equipment and gear, your team needs to be aware of the importance and how to use it. Enforcement of these standards should also be done. You might need a compliance officer to ensure continuous adherence to PPE standards.


The location of the site determines the climate of the region. You will want your team members to be in clothing that they feel comfortable and not afflicted by the weather elements. Therefore, the workwear should be appropriate to the weather, offering comfort throughout the day/ night.

For example, during the winter and colder months, you should consider adding workwear jackets and fleeces. These additional clothing should adhere to set standards and clothing regulations and not hamper the workers’ performance.

Company image

In this day and age where the reputation of the brand and image matters, companies forget how to leverage that with their industrial workwear. The quality of your workwear will reflect on how clients, competitors, and other third parties view you. Who knows who is looking to give you that new contract?

Street Solutions UK recommends that each employee should have well-fitting workwear that gives off a professional vibe. Your customers and third-party vendors will not only be impressed by the quality of service offered by your professionals but also with the overall look.

You can bank on us to provide you with industrial workwear with the smallest detail possible. When it comes to image perception, the color of your workwear is also important. We have a wide range of color hues for you to choose from. Your bespoke products will also contain the company logo and serve to promote your brand or company.

High visibility

Industrial, manufacturing, and engineering environments require uniforms that allow team members to easily identify. There could be several reasons that necessitate this; snowy conditions, dust particles in the air, and other gaseous fumes are just a few examples. In such conditions, there will be reduced visibility that increases the possibility of bodily harm and damage to property.

Industrial environments are also highly stressful. With deadlines to be met, highly sensitive materials, and heavy machinery, workers need high visibility (hi-vis) clothing to guarantee maximum safety. Take for example a logistics warehouse buzzing with all manner of activities. It only takes one small error for there to be a significant possibility of injury.

Renting/ leasing industrial workwear

You might have been lucky to land a tender or short-term contract that needs you to work in an industrial setup. While you might require the same type of workwear, at times your team will be required to be in business dressing.

Street Solutions UK is happy to rent out industrial wear and gear for the term of your contract. You don’t have to incur huge costs in purchasing industrial wear for your company. In addition, thanks to our experience in the industry, we can inform you of the type of elements to take into consideration.

If you want to check out our quality products, check out our online store. You can also get in touch with one of our professionals for a breakdown of our services.

Sizing Concerns

Sizing is an issue that most clients don’t take into consideration when purchasing industrial workwear for their team. And it goes without saying that not all your workers will wear clothes of the same size.

We recommend purchasing unisex industrial workwear for starters that can be worn across the board. In addition, it will go a long way to have some measurements taken of your team members to allow for perfect sizing.

Take your time

This is the final advice from the leading industrial workwear company in the UK. While you might be in a hurry to select a set of workwear for a particular business idea, it might not be appropriate for another model. As we have stressed out in this article and other blogs, industrial workwear should meet the needs of your team and also industry regulations.

Consult the team at Street Solutions UK to advise on workwear that meets your organization’s ideals and image while also offering a holistic, long-term solution.


There you have it, the ultimate guide to safety and waterproof workwear. You should also take note that there are no two sectors that have the same demands/ needs of workwear. Taking the above information, you should be able to have a list of characteristics that would offer protection and safety to your workers.

For the best workwear products and gear, check the online store at Street Solutions UK. We are known throughout the country for our extensive range of quality workwear made to the highest standards available. We take great pride in bringing a smile to our clients’ faces by providing the appropriate jackets, brace sets, eyewear, and trousers.

Contact us today and get a quote for our quality products.  

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