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Outdoor workwear

Outdoor workwear

As you work in the automotive industry, HVAC repairs, or masonry industry, one thing runs across all of them; safety. There is all manner of hazardous materials and items as you are working outdoors. It is only when you are donned in the right gear and wear can you guarantee that you are safe from bodily harm. What we are talking about is workwear.

The team from Street Solutions UK is here to explain what workwear is and the key details that you should look out for as you order clothing for yourself and your employees. Street Solutions UK is the leading service provider of site equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE) in the UK.

Outdoor workwear

We don’t want to make the assumption that all our clients what workwear is. Outdoor workwear refers to the clothing, gear, and wear worn by professionals, contractors, and other handymen as they provide services. These services are mainly centred in the engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries.

To offer ample protection, outdoor workwear is made from durable material. Most of them are water-proof and resistant to abrasion. Depending on the needs of the client, outdoor workwear has varying resistance to chemical splashes and other chemical products.

What you need to know about outdoor workwear

Our experienced and professional team has compiled the following information that touches on vital information on outdoor workwear.

Features of outdoor workwear

There are different features that workwear should have to offer professional or contractor safety, warmth, and substantial protection from natural and chemical hazards. To give you a better context of what is needed, let us look at some of the features of a workwear jacket.

  • A quality jacket must have a storm collar to keep out the natural wind.
  • The jacket must have both quilted and fleece lining for warmth when working outdoors and in extreme conditions.
  • A wind-resistant jacket is required to keep out the cold and make it easier for you to maintain your body temperature.
  • Sealed pockets allow for the professional/ contractor to easily carry sensitive items and documents.
  • Taped seams to control the flow of water and prevent from permeation of water through the hems and stitches

Don’t just rely on any local service provider to protect yourself and your employees by choosing the best products in the industry. Call upon the professionals at Street Solutions UK. You will receive a quote for our quality products.

Functionality and Uniqueness

Each outdoor environment is unique and has different needs that will require the wear to be designed in a particular manner for your team to be able to meet their daily targets. For example, carpenters or masonry may require extra knee pads and trousers that are slightly loose at the knees.

Such small details are what separates Street Solutions UK from the competition. By designing unique and functional clothing, you are providing the safety and comfort that your workers need in the long run.  

Hi-vis clothing

From our experience in the industry, there will be times when visibility on your construction or site area will be reduced. Even during these times, you are required to maintain and guarantee the safety of your employees and various project teams. This is where hi-vis clothing comes in.

Hi-vis, short form for high visible clothing, are designed with reflective panels finished in either a fluorescent yellow, lime green, or orange matt material. The reflective matt finish allows for individuals and places of interest to be identified without much of an issue.

Hi-vis long-sleeved jackets and trousers are highly recommended for employees looking to work in traffic management. Vehicle and truck operators need to be able to get a good view of all possible dangers in their immediate surroundings.

Regulations and Ordinances

There are the strict UK and European provisions on the type and quality of outdoor workwear that your employees should wear. In addition, not all workwear and PPE are designed the same. Manufacturers consider the different law provisions and work environments in their design.

As a construction or project manager, you must ensure that you are compliant with these laws. All your workwear products, PPE, and other gear must be purchased from a reputable company known for its quality products and compliance with legislation.

There is no company better positioned to offer outdoor workwear products than Street Solutions UK. While we strive to deliver customized and unique solutions that meet our client’s every need, we stick to the confines of the law.

The weather

The weather of an area is a huge element to consider when choosing your outdoor workwear. After all, in most cases, your team members or employees will be working under the sun, a cloudy sky, or under the fall of snow.

During hotter weather, there will be a need for your employees to be cool and comfortable under the sweltering sun. We recommend the use of hard-wearing t-shirts, work shirts, and light protective jackets.

In the UK, we experience cold, wet, and sometimes snowy weather. Your teams should wear work trousers, thick coats, and heavy jackets to maintain heat. Thermals are an addition that come highly recommended. Hi-vis clothing should also be don due to reduced visibility.

If the project is short-term, consider the time of year. What time of clothing will work best for your employees? For long-term projects or jobs, consider clothing that will last well all year round.


As you derive from the information availed above, there is quite a lot to digest when it comes to outdoor workwear and other PPE equipment and gear. At times, it can be almost impossible for a layman to understand the complexities that come with outdoor workwear. Rely on the #1 service provider of outdoor workwear in the UK.

Our brand as Street Solutions is synonymous with quality, integrity, and professionalism. We are known to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions that guarantee comprehensive protection and help our clients to achieve their projects.

We have a wide range of workwear for you to choose from. The staff at Street Solutions UK is trained to offer sound and professional advice. 

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