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Workwear Buying Guide


There are fewer industries and work areas that have stringent regulations and ordinances as building or construction sites. All workers need to be in workwear and personal protection equipment. Not only is this required by safety and health laws, but it is also required to guarantee the welfare of your colleagues or employees.

While it may seem a bit punitive, it is important considering the danger. The good thing? With this ultimate buying guide, you can be able to cover any possible need that you may have for the year 2022.

To offer comprehensive information on the subject matter, we have the experienced and reputable team from Street Solutions UK. The company is the leading service provider in the industry, known for its quality products and solutions.

Workwear Guide by Type

To give you an understanding of what you should buy, Street Solutions have analyzed each classification and the protection they offer you and your employees. Remember that outdoor safety workwear is the first protection that you should consider.


The provision and wear of helmets is a must for any construction site. They are a considerable determent to head injuries caused by falling objects, projectiles flying upwards or sideways, and low-hanging obstacles.

There are standards with which each helmet must comply with. You can get in touch with the experts at Street Solutions UK for a breakdown of the type of helmets required for your construction environment.

The standard helmet should be able to absorb shock from objects and projectiles, deter penetration, be water-resistant, and in case of a fire, slow down burning.

For a helmet to provide physical protection among other benefits, it must be properly worn. If the helmet fit is not perfect, there is always the possibility of injury. Training of employees comes highly recommended to guarantee proper donning of helmets and other PPE.

Eye protection

Eye gear and protection wear vary depending on the intended use and the environment in which your employees or servicemen are involved. Here are a few factors that you should consider when choosing the ideal eye protection gear:

  • The intensity of light in the surroundings
  • Strength of the lens
  • UV protection
  •  Partial or full screening of the face. It applies to the possibility of splashes and chemicals on site.

From our experience in the industry, most of our clients fail to take into consideration the issue of a worker’s personal eyesight issues. Your eye protection must consider any prescription that an employee has.

Ear protection

If an individual is constantly exposed to sound above 85 decibels, the chances of hearing loss increase significantly. Most construction managers and project managers would provide ear protection equipment for sharp impact and heavy machinery. However, protection should also be provided for low-level sound.

For most construction/ building sites, there might be uncertainty on the amount of noise that your employees are exposed to. You might want to carry out a small experiment to measure and prevent possible legal implications in the future.

At Street Solutions UK, we have a wide range of ear protection options for you to choose from; from in-ear plugs to over-ear protectors. We recommend that you select a combination to allow for tastes, preferences, and health issues.

Face Masks

The first and foremost reason why you should consider adding face masks to your employees’ PPE guide is the Covid-19 virus. While the government and health authorities are doing their level best, we must also provide the necessary help by ensuring that every work dons their mask when necessary.

From an industrial/ construction perspective, face masks protect against dust, small debris, and possible hazardous chemicals in the air. It goes without saying that the continuous or intermittent inhalation of these substances leads to respiratory diseases and other lung-related ailments.

There is also the issue of mask configuration. A face mask suited for a dusty work environment is not ideal for a hazardous chemical environment. Street Solutions UK offers an extensive range of face masks. Contact us today to have them delivered to your business throughout the nation.


Workwear should serve as a layer of wholesome protection from a wide range of issues, from hazardous splashes to heat to extreme weather conditions. In addition, they should be waterproofed and resistant to abrasion.

If your employees are working in a general condition, you should consider overalls and boiler suits. They offer protection from common items or hazardous materials.

If the working environment is on the extreme side, tougher clothing is required. The team from Street Solutions UK recommends tougher jackets, armlets, gauntlets, and chain mail aprons.

As a final word, you should ensure that clothing is a proper fit. Baggy fits can snag on nails, equipment, and other elements increasing the possibility of damage and injury.


Every employee, worker, and sub-contractor on your construction site in 2022 should be donned with high-vis clothing. There are several conditions that reduce visibility and increase the possibility of bodily harm or destruction to property; foggy conditions, snowfall, or a dusty, semi-enclosed environment are just some conditions where accidents are likely to happen.

As a rule of thumb, more conspicuous clothing is required in darker environments. Construction and project managers should ensure the provision and don of the recommended reflective clothing. This is also recommended where they are heavy vehicles moving around in the vicinity.


The need for quality footwear cannot be overemphasized. Without proper footwear, you can expect your workers to perform the tasks required of them. Slip-resistant and solid footwear comes highly recommended to increase traction on loose or uneven surfaces and prevent injury from falling objects.


Who better to provide you with the above workwear than the premier service provider in the industry? Street Solutions UK is known for its bespoke and quality products. We offer a wide range of products to meet our client's diverse needs.

No matter where you are in the country, Street Solutions is able to reach you and deliver its products. Our clients receive more affordable rates when they make bulk purchases.

Get in touch with us and request a quote. You will be shocked by our affordable prices.

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