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Work wear to Stay Warm in winter

If we are being genuinely honest, once winter sets in, working becomes a bit difficult. With less dexterity in our fingers (and our toenails), the tiniest of jobs not only become difficult but dangerous as well.

The most common way to curb the cold is pouring yourself a cup of hot beverage and blowing that warm air into your cupped hands, but can be more to be done to ensure that one stays warm while working. Here are some options to consider. 


Building an effective base layer is the first step to being warm in harsh conditions. Ideally, the bottom layer should be made from a polyester blend that thrives in protecting against cold.

An excellent investment would be thermal trousers and tops. They ensure to keep your body temperature stabilized even when you open or remove your coat for a short period.

How does the layering system work?

This usually applies to socks, jackets, gloves, hats, and pants. It involves three significant layers 

1. Moisture management

The key aim of this bottom-most layer is to draw moisture away from the body by allowing sweat to dry quickly. This prevents workers from being chilled or hypothermic as the moisture evaporates.

It also prevents foul odor. The best fabric options are polyester, merino wool nylon, and silk. The socks, jacket, gloves, and undergarments leave room for heavier clothing. 

2. Insulation 

This is the mid-layer that assists in retaining body heat by creating a thermal barrier. The number of materials can be considerable, but the thicker ones are most preferred.

Examples include heavy wool socks, insulated coats, stretchy denim jeans, and quilted flannel shirts. 

 3. Wind and water protection 

The outer layer ensures that wind and moisture from getting into the inner layers. This could entail heavy-duty mountaineering jackets to rubber work boots.

A majority of this clothing will allow for some perspiration to escape. Workers should get jackets, boots and gloves, and overalls with a durable and water repellent finish. 

Work Hats and Gloves 

Your head will most likely be the place where heat is most likely to escape. Having a hard hat will help you in that, and also, most sites require you to wear specific personal protection equipment.

Go for the caps that fit nicely underneath and are insulated to ensure you don’t lose anybody heat along the way.

Choosing suitable winter gloves for workers depends on the intricacies of their current project. You must pick a glove with enough insulation, and the best kinds of gloves are those that comply with the layering system.

Your hands require special protection during the winter months, and gloves are great for warmth in cold seasons and provide complete water resistance for those rainy days.

The best pick would be a thin nylon interior to remove moisture, a fleece or wool liner for insulation purposes, and a thicker leather or rubber exterior to protect from wind and moisture. The colder it gets, the more the insulation should be. 

The level of exposure to the moisture outside matters a lot. In the situation the worker is doing their job in mildly wet conditions, they might need to look for gloves with ample palm coating. The rubber coating usually prevents water from seeping into the interior layers of the glove. In this situation, a worker needs to immerse their hands in water or snow, and then the fully coated gloves are ideal. 

These gloves should allow for enough dexterity. This means that as much as insulation keeps them warm, the materials should not hinder them from working because of the thickness. 

Cold weather Jackets 

Jackets, specifically technical ones, are ideal for offering that lightweight warmth that allows for a full range of movement when involved in outdoor work.

They could also have bonus features like a helmet- compatible hoods and pit- zips to increase the airflow during high-intensity activities.

These cold weather jackets are lightweight and compressible, and packable. A dependable rain jacket helps you brave the outdoors, no matter what the forecast predicts. 

Another thing to consider is the length of the sleeves. Ensure that they are not too long to get your way, and if it is too short, you might have difficulty keeping the cold away.

The zipper should go up quickly, and if you drop your head forward, the collar should neither feel tight nor restrictive.

Finding the right gear is very important when it comes to performance. When you are working outdoors, you must ensure that your jacket can comfortably accommodate layers without being too large in fit.

Winter Workwear trousers 

Winter workwear trousers are such a great option for working in a site, but things can take a severe turn when ice-cold surfaces lash rain and snow, which leads to an increased chance of slipping.

You mustn’t compromise on this to ensure you get the work done safely and comfortably. 

The knee pads inserts, hammer loop, and roomy pockets enhance comfort and warmth while working. 


Last on the list are the work boots crucial in personal protection equipment. The fastest way your feet can lose their heat is when they are wet, so for that, investing in waterproof safety boots is a necessity.

Get the waterproof, heat resistant, anti-static, and have a toecap and midsole. The IGS rubber sole unit is also a plus since it ensures a firm grip making them impact-resistant on all work surfaces.

You will notice that winter boots are roomier to allow for thicker socks and extra space to circulate air.  


Remember, wearing cold weather work gear will help protect you from illness or injury, so you must buy the proper clothing. Head over to our website for the bestselling winter workwear, for quality outdoor wear essentials. We offer a wide variety of outdoor wear for everyday tasks.

Our supply is ideal for construction, automotive, retail production, pharmaceutical, traffic management, and engineers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us because we will be happy to serve you.

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