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Pack of 2 Kerb Access Ramps - 6" Rise
£37.49 Ex. VAT
£44.99 Inc. VAT

Pack of 2 Kerb Access Ramps - 6" Rise

£37.49 Ex. VAT
£44.99 Inc. VAT
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⊛ Heavy Duty

⊛ Made from recycled materials

⊛ Can be linked seamlessly to any length with its Strong-Fit linking system.

⊛ Can be transported easily with its made to form easy grip handles

⊛ Disability access for wheelchairs and mobility scooters

⊛ Car parking

⊛ Perfect for domestic use with gardeners

⊛ Protection during landscaping

⊛ Superior Traction With a Matt Finish

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Threshold Wheelchair Access Ramp - 4" Rise
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Kerb Access Ramp Specifications

Kerb Ramp Dimensions
Width 545mm
Length 515mm
Height 152mm
Kerb Ramp Weight
Per Single Ramp 13kg
Kerb Ramp Details
Colour Natural Black
Kerb Ramp Material
Type Recycled PVC
Kerb access ramp for curb mobility


The Kerb Access Ramp is an essential mobility solution that has changed the lives of thousands of Street Solutions UK customers.

Manufactured from a blend of recycled PVC and rubber the kerb ramps are a quick and affordable way to conveniently level up your accessibility in and around the home or workplace.

Featuring a chevron style pattern on the ramp face you will experience superior traction that will allow you to easy manoeuvre over kerbs, steps, doorways and just about any level that is around 10cm in height.

The kerb access ramps come in a natural black colour that will vary slightly with the material used in the manufacturing process, but rest assured that the usage ability will be the same each and every time.

Kerb access ramp for curb mobility


The Kerb Access Ramps come in the one size with the following dimensions: 

⊛ Height 152mm – This is the size of kerb or step that the ramp will safely get you up.

⊛ Width 545mm – This shows how wide each kerb ramp piece is, they can be connected together to create a wider ramp.

⊛ Length 515mm – This is the measurement from the front of the kerb ramp where the handle is, through to the back.

Each kerb access ramp weighs 13kg making it super stable under load without the worry of the ramp moving around.

With this weight the kerb access ramps are an easy one-person lift making them suitable for setting up and moving between uses, also handy for putting in your car or van when you’re on the move.


Getting the most out of your kerb ramps is essential which is why they are so easily used by a wide range of applications, vehicles and settings such as:

⊛ Cars, Vans, HGVs, Motorbikes, Scooters & Pedal Bikes
⊛ Lawnmower, Wheelbarrows & Garden Equipment
⊛ Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs
⊛ Dogs & other Pets
⊛ Wheelie Bins
⊛ Caravans & Motorhomes

Kerb access ramp for curb mobility


Being such a multi-purpose product, the kerb access ramp needs to be able to withstand constant usage from heavy loads.

This is why our kerb access ramps have been designed and manufactured to withstand the weight of 44 tonnes, this is ideal for cars, bikes, light heavy goods vehicles and everything in-between.

Kerb access ramp for curb mobility


To offer users of the kerb access ramp that extra bit of security we have designed the ramps with 2 fixing bolt holes for fastening to the ground.

The kerb ramps will take both concrete and tarmac bolts, we advise that the maximum bolt diameter used for installation should be 10mm.

Kerb access ramp for curb mobility


The kerb access ramps have a clever male and female connection feature that will allow multiple kerb ramps to be securely slotted together to create a stable modular chain of ramps.

Once the kerb ramps are connected together they will not slip out of place with one another.

With this design there is no limit to how many kerb access ramps that you can connect together, allowing for large sections of ramp to be installed.

Kerb access ramp for curb mobility


The kerb access ramps are a cost-effective way of saving money and time from dropping a kerb outside your home, business or land.

They are quick and easy to install and once fixed to the ground will be in place for years.

We must advertise that the application of the kerb ramps as an alternative to the dropped kerb is permitted on private land as long as you are the landowner.

For the use on the public highway, we advise that you consult with your local authority regarding any issues that you may face installing these kerb access ramps on their land.