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Speed Bump Complete Kit 75mm - 5mph

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High Quality Recycled PVC Speed Road Bump Kits

50mm Depth for 10mph Speed Limits

75mm Depth for 5mph Speed Limits

Available with both Concrete and Tarmac Fixings

Express delivery 1-2 working days

Standard delivery 3-5 working days

If you require pre-12 delivery or other requirements for delivery please phone us for a price on 0161 706 0479. Or visit our Delivery Information page for further information. 

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Frequently Purchased with this product

Speed Bump Specifications

Speed Bump Mid-Section Dimensions
Depth 75mm
Weight 10.5kg
Speed Bump End-Section Dimensions
Depth 75mm
Weight 3.5kg
Speed Bump Transporting
Pallet Type Single Pallet
Speed Bump Mid-Section Per Pallet 50
Speed Bump End-Section Per Pallet 300
Speed Bump Material
Material Type Recycled PVC
Colour Yellow & Black
speed bump speed ramp 75mm 5mph


This speed ramp kit from Street Solutions UK features rock solid design; Our speed bumps are designed to be life proof, withstanding but not limited to use from cars and HGV’s; If you need a heavy duty speed ramp kit that will hold up under any conditions, look no further.

The selected speed bump here comes in the classic yellow and black combination, proving a high quality speed bump look whilst offering maximum control of speeding vehicles.

speed bump speed ramp 75mm 5mph


Each speed ramp section has undergone stringent quality inspection and many hours of development; Our speed bump kits are crafted to the highest standards; Our promise is this; if we wouldn’t use the speed bump ourselves, we won’t sell them.

Manufactured from a high-quality recycled PVC material the speed bumps are durable for long term use that will help control speed in your area day after day.

The chequered design on the speed bump sections are in place to offer maximum grip in all weather conditions allowing vehicles to safely pass over.

speed bump speed ramp 75mm 5mph


We have two heights of speed bump kits available and many different lengths to suit your needs. The different speed bump heights can be used to reduce vehicles to either 10mph (50mm) or 5mph (75mm). The different heights are also better suited to different classes of vehicles and applications.

- 75mm Speed ramp kits are perfect for slowing larger vehicles, such as trucks, HGVs and Lorries.

With the nature of the vehicles using the 75mm speed bump kits we've found that they are most commonly used for industrial estates, business parks, waste centres and similar locations with a high volume of large and heavy good vehicles.

- 50mm Speed ramp kits are more of an all rounder size, better suited to use with cars and bikes with a slightly easier transition for the vehicles.

With the nature of the vehicles using the 50mm speed bump kits we've found that they are most commonly used for schools, colleges, shopping centres, retail parks and similar locations with a high volume of cars and bikes.

speed bump speed ramp 75mm 5mph


Each speed ramp kit has been specially designed with safety at the forefront. We’ve added a chequered grip to the recycled PVC for extra traction. Each speed bump section features a reflective cats eye strip and is visible day or night; Better yet, the yellow and black colour has been specifically designed to attract attention for increased safety.

These speed bumps are suitable for use anywhere that needs traffic control in order to slow down and increase safety.

speed bump speed ramp 75mm 5mph


Step 1: Place the speed bump sections in your desired positions, these should be on a level flat ground with all debris and dirt cleared.

Step 2: Once positioned you will need to apply pivot holes for the speed bumps by drilling through the fixing holes.

Step 3: Remove the speed bump sections from their placements and continue to drill down into the ground with the required depth, that will allow the fixing bolt to fit fully into the ground with no overhang.

Step 4: Clean out the drilled holes and inset the outer housing of the fixing bolts so they are level with the ground.

Step 5: Place the speed bump sections back into the their permanent positions and continue to insert the bolts into their correct housings until the speed bumps are fixed securely in place with no movement.

speed bump speed ramp 75mm 5mph


The speed bump mid sections can be a great piece of equipment If you're looking to protect a cable or pipe from being run over by vehicles.

These will only work with the mid section kits as the end sections do not feature cable channels.

If you require speed bump kits for this purpose, please contact our sales team by phone on 0161 706 0479.

Speed Bump Kit Contents

Speed Bump Length Black Mid Pieces Yellow Mid Pieces Black End Pieces Yellow End Pieces Fixing Bolts
1 Metre Speed Bump 0 1 2 0 8
1.5 Metre Speed Bump 1 1 1 1 12
2 Metre Speed Bump 1 2 2 0 16
2.5 Metre Speed Bump 2 2 1 1 20
3 Metre Speed Bump 2 3 2 0 24
3.5 Metre Speed Bump 3 3 1 1 28
4 Metre Speed Bump 3 4 2 0 32
4.5 Metre Speed Bump 4 4 1 1 36
5 Metre Speed Bump 4 5 2 0 40
5.5 Metre Speed Bump 5 5 1 1 44
6 Metre Speed Bump 5 6 2 0 48
6.5 Metre Speed Bump 6 6 1 1 52
7 Metre Speed Bump 6 7 2 0 56
7.5 Metre Speed Bump 7 7 1 1 60
8 Metre Speed Bump 7 8 2 0 64
8.5 Metre Speed Bump 8 8 1 1 68
9 Metre Speed Bump 8 9 2 0 72
9.5 Metre Speed Bump 9 9 1 1 76
10 Metre Speed Bump 9 10 2 0 80