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Height restriction barriers, also known as GS6 barriers, are an essential component in ensuring the safety of the UK's highways. These barriers are designed to prevent vehicles that exceed a certain height from entering restricted areas, such as low clearance bridges or tunnels.

One of the main benefits of height restriction barriers is that they help to prevent accidents caused by vehicles colliding with low clearance structures. This not only protects the vehicles and their occupants, but also the infrastructure itself, potentially saving millions in repair costs. Additionally, height restriction barriers can also help to prevent damage to overhead power lines and other utilities, which can cause disruptions and costly repairs.

The GS6 barrier is the most common type of height restriction barrier used in the UK. These barriers are designed to be highly visible and easy to understand, with clear markings indicating the maximum height allowed. They are also designed to be durable and able to withstand impact from vehicles, making them a reliable solution for protecting restricted areas.

Height restriction barriers are typically found at the entrance to low clearance bridges and tunnels, as well as in areas where there are overhead power lines or other utilities that need to be protected. They can also be found at the entrance to parking garages and other restricted areas.

Overall, height restriction barriers play a crucial role in keeping the UK's highways safe. They help to prevent accidents and protect both vehicles and infrastructure, while also helping to prevent damage to overhead power lines and other utilities. So, next time you see a GS6 barrier, remember that it is there to keep you and your vehicle safe.

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